Almost exacty a year after the release of Symfony 2.0, I'm excited to announce the immediate availability of Symfony 2.1.0 RC1. Publishing the first release candidate today means that Symfony 2.1 won't have any other significant changes; we are going to only accept bug fixes from now on and if everything goes fine, expect the final release soon.

After upgrading (see below), run the web/config.php script from your browser and the app/check.php script from the CLI to check if your PHP environment is setup properly. As we have added new checks, you might find some stuff to tweak.

Due to a bug in PHP 5.4 and APC, we highly recommend you to upgrade Composer to its latest version to avoid any difficult to track bugs:

$ composer.phar self-update

If you have already upgraded to beta4, have a look at the changes you need to make to upgrade to RC1.

If you have not tried to upgrade yet, first read the UPGRADE file that comes with Symfony Standard Edition, then the UPGRADE file that comes with Symfony.