The Symfony2 DoctrineBundle has been moved to the Doctrine organization. This allows the bundle to be maintained in a more decoupled way from Symfony for several reasons:

  • No coupling of release cycles anymore;

  • Move code to the organization that actually maintains it;

  • Avoid Symfony suggesting Doctrine is the only way for persistence; Symfony wants to focus on providing the View and the Controller abstraction and not make suggestions about the Model.

The Symfony standard edition has been updated to reflect this change.

In your code, you will have to change references to the Doctrine classes; for instance, the Registry class must be changed from Symfony\Bundle\DoctrineBundle\Registry to Doctrine\Bundle\DoctrineBundle\Registry.

The DoctrineFixturesBundle, DoctrineMigrationsBundle and DoctrineMongoDBBundle are now maintained in the Doctrine organization as well; however forks have been created in the Symfony repository to make all the 2.0 apps out there backwards compatible (you just need to be check that your are using the 2.0 branch).

The new repositories are here:

You can find additional information about the move on the Doctrine blog.