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Fabien Potencier
Symfony 2.2.0 Beta 2 released
by Fabien Potencier – January 24, 2013 – 12 comments

Two weeks after the release of the first beta, Symfony 2.2.0 Beta 2 has just been released. This is the last beta version of 2.2.0 and the next one will be the first release candidate.

If there are any critical bugs or pull requests that must be included in 2.2.0 because they break backward compatibility, please let us know.

Since beta 1, we have been hard at work with more than 320 commits coming from 66 developers.

Have a look at the UPGRADE diff since beta1 or the new optional changes you can do in your application to be compatible with Symfony 3.0.

Want to test it? Follow the instructions that were provided in the beta1 announcement.

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  • Peter Kokot
    #1 Peter Kokot said on the 2013/01/24 at 09:35
    Thanks. Update in progress ... :)
  • Ariel Ferrandini
    #2 Ariel Ferrandini said on the 2013/01/24 at 10:23
    Great news!
  • Sebastian Göttschkes
    #3 Sebastian Göttschkes said on the 2013/01/24 at 10:50
    Already upgrading. Thanks for the hard work!
  • Arkadiusz Tułodziecki
    #4 Arkadiusz Tułodziecki said on the 2013/01/24 at 17:57
    Symfony 3.0 ?
  • wenming tang
    #5 wenming tang said on the 2013/01/25 at 04:32
    Great news!
  • Wouter De Jong
    #6 Wouter De Jong said on the 2013/01/25 at 09:50
    Great job! Just updated my project, I had to use doctrine/doctrine-bundle: 1.2.*@dev to make it all work, 1.0.* won't work.
  • Gencer Genç
    #7 Gencer Genç said on the 2013/01/25 at 21:31
    I get an error:

    Fatal error: Class Symfony\Bridge\Monolog\Logger contains 5 abstract methods and
    must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Psr\Log
    \LoggerInterface::emergency, Psr\Log\LoggerInterface::critical, Psr\Log\LoggerIn....
  • Gencer Genç
    #8 Gencer Genç said on the 2013/01/25 at 21:46
    Also changing monolog to 1.3.0 and bunmdle to 2.2.x-dev is not work. I am stuck at this point. For now, i excluded monolog but urgently need it.
  • ejaz kayani
    #9 ejaz kayani said on the 2013/01/27 at 02:39
    by symfony 3.0 i think fabian mean symfony 2.3. it doesn't feel right according to roadmap of symfony version releases.
  • Lukas Kahwe Smith
    #10 Lukas Kahwe Smith said on the 2013/01/27 at 12:09
    no, he does mean 3.0
    there are no immediate plans to begin with a Symfony 3.0 but this file is sort of a todo list of things we would like to change when we do start on 3.0.
  • Vincent AUBERT
    #11 Vincent AUBERT said on the 2013/01/31 at 10:57
    great news
  • choco7
    #12 choco7 said on the 2013/01/31 at 11:23
    Hello i am french, i am sorry for my bad english, Symfony is great, but can you put a tutorial: "How to create Autentication custom for connect to Active Directory with form login", because it's very difficult.