Some time ago, I have introduced the new "Symfony Components" project. It is a sub-project of Symfony that aims to give more importance to some of the great libraries we have developed for Symfony. Until now, the only evidence of their existence was the dedicated Subversion repository, and the Git mirror. The following components have already been released: YAML, Dependency Injection, and Event Dispatcher. And more will come soon.

Today, I am happy to announce that the Symfony Components now have their dedicated website.

Each component has its own section with its documentation, API, instructions to install and use it, and how to contribute back. For now, we have worked on the YAML website as an example, but we are also already working on the next ones. Expect most of them to be available for the Symfony Live conference.

Life is too short to be serious. So, we decided that the component website should be a bit more fun than the symfony website. That's why each component has its own animal, representing the component.

We are very excited about the Symfony Component project, and we hope you will find new ways of using these standalone libraries outside your symfony projects.