If you like French cuisine, you will fall in love with symfony! That could be our next symfony baseline. Yes, symfony is made by French people and we are quite proud of this fact. But still, a lot of French people still don't seem to know it.

Why does it matter anyway?

First, because Sensio Labs, the main symfony sponsor, is always looking for talented French people to join our team in Paris.

And second, because internationalization is one of the symfony fundament. i18n support in symfony has always been a major selling point of the framework and the international symfony communities are really amazing.

Still, all official symfony resources are in English. Even the first project tutorial is not widely available in other languages. Translation is a very time consuming activity and every time something changes, all translations must be updated. Some people have done a tremendous amount of work translating the symfony book in Spanish, Italian, and Polish. Chinese, Russian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Dutch translations also looks very promising. If you want to contribute back something to symfony, consider translating the book in your language.

Translating the book is great but only it targets developers. I want more internationalized content for basic stuff. To help spread the word about symfony in the "enterprise", we need to provide basic information, features, case studies, and tutorials in more languages.

The first step is the creation of a new symfony website with "static" content targeted at managers, developers and the press. As this new website content will be mostly static, translating it will be much easier. This new website will be available at http://www.symfony-project.com/ and the actual symfony website will be moved to http://www.symfony-project.org/.

It means that all symfony URLs will be moved to the new .org domain name. For example, the trac will be available at http://trac.symfony-project.org/ and the official Subversion repository will be moved to http://svn.symfony-project.org/. Everything will be transparent for the end user as we will redirect old URLs to the new ones. But, as Subversion does not support redirects, you will have to update all your svn:externals by hand using the svn relocate command. I will provide more information in an other post when the migration will be complete.

On a side note, early registrations to the December 5-7 symfony workshop end up in 2 days. This is a unique opportunity to attend the first symfony Workshop in French. The event will take place in Paris, from Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th of December. The training program, as well as all the details and pricing, are available at the Sensio Labs website.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn symfony from its creators!

Personne ne comprendrais que je ne traduise pas ce post en français, alors... voici la traduction en français.