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Fabien Potencier
Symfony Live San Francisco 2012: Videos are online
by Fabien Potencier – October 15, 2012 – 6 comments

Last week, we published the videos for the Symfony Live Paris conference. It proved to be quite popular fast, with more than 5,000 views during the week-end; looks like Paris was not the only place with bad weather!

To celebrate, we've just published an additional 8 hours of videos from the San Francisco conference.

Don't have 24 hours to watch all the videos? Don't know where to start? Here is a small list of must-see talks:

All these videos are also available on the SensioLabs channel on Youtube. Happy watching!

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  • Rafael Ernesto Ferro González
    #1 Rafael Ernesto Ferro González said on the 2012/10/15 at 15:47
    thanks fabien!! ;-)
  • Larry Garfield
    #2 Larry Garfield said on the 2012/10/15 at 17:07
    It looks like the slides on my Drupal talk are a bit janky. It's like it's missing all of the partial slide updates, so the slide that is showing is too far ahead from what the audio is saying. :-(
  • Alexandre Bacco
    #3 Alexandre Bacco said on the 2012/10/15 at 19:34
    Thanks a lot!
  • Tobias Sjösten
    #4 Tobias Sjösten said on the 2012/10/15 at 19:51
    Good stuff! Thanks for making this publicly available.
  • Michael Cullum
    #5 Michael Cullum said on the 2012/10/15 at 22:28
    Looks great! Thanks
  • Alex Joyce
    #6 Alex Joyce said on the 2012/10/17 at 01:39
    Thanks very much! :)