A month ago, I announced that the final version of Symfony2 was delayed. At that time, we were eagerly waiting for the merge of the new form framework. And I can tell you that it was worth the wait. Bernhard has done a fantastic job and I'm confident that you will love the new version.

All features of Symfony 2.0 are now available. That means that we can finally enter the long-awaited beta/RC release cycle that will eventually lead to the release of the shiny 2.0 version.

Beta means that all features are not stable yet. Beta also means that we will break backward compatibility only for good reasons and that all the breaks will be explained and documented in the UPDATE file to ease the migration path of existing applications.

Download Symfony 2.0 Standard Edition beta1, read the quick tour, or dive into the book.

Oh, and don't forget to give us feedback. Tell us about the remaining pain points, create tickets for bugs, contribute patches, ...

Like with the preview releases, we will release often, probably once a week. And depending on the feedback we will have, I expect the beta phase to last a month or so. The first release candidate will be released when all blocking bugs will be closed and when the documentation will be complete.