Some people keep thinking that Symfony2 requires a lot of upfront configuration... even more than symfony1. It took me a while to understand why people would think so as there is nothing to configure in Symfony2 if you are using the Symfony Standard Edition, except the database settings if you need one (and this can be done from the browser).

But recently, I saw the light: people are talking about creating new bundles, new Doctrine entities, new CRUD controllers, ... symfony1 has generators for all those things, but until now, Symfony2 was not very good at generating code. Well, that's "fixed" now, thanks to the new GeneratorBundle. The bundle is included by default in Symfony SE (as of 2.0.0 RC1 which will be released on June 24th) and it knows how to generate bundles, forms, Doctrine entities, and simple CRUD controllers to get you started even faster.

The generators are even better than the ones in symfony1 as you can use them interactively; answer some questions and Symfony2 takes care of everything for you:

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The code is quite new and probably comes with a lot of bugs. Let's enhance it in the coming weeks!