Three months ago, I announced that Drupal was adopting the Symfony Components for their next version. Since then, everybody has been excited about the news, and we start to see some nice cross-pollination between the two communities (code contributions, talks at conferences, ...).

At that time, I also said that having Drupal on board was great, but not the ultimate goal for Symfony; we had to continue talking with other Open-Source PHP communities to see how we can collaborate.

Today, eZ announced that eZ Publish will use the Symfony full-stack framework for their next version, eZ Publish 5, including Twig as a template engine.

Even if they chose Symfony, they will be able to keep full backwards compatibility with eZ Publish 4. Have a look at how they did that: clever, simple, and powerful.

The other interesting part of the announcement is the reasons why they chose to adopt Symfony instead of creating their very own framework (and remember that they are the creators of the eZ Components -- now renamed to Zeta Components):

"eZ decided to focus on its core-skill which is best-of-breed content and customer experience management. It was thus decided to move away from the home-brew controlling, templating, and commodity libraries layers. After benchmarking the available open-source PHP frameworks, the indisputable winner was the Symfony framework & community."

Curious about the code? Have a look at the still very new eZ Publish 5 code.