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Anne-Sophie Bachelard
SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 was a blast!
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – December 20, 2013 – 8 comments

The SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013

A week now since the SymfonyCon took place for the first time ever. For this first edition, Warsaw welcomed us for an entire week of Symfony! It was a real pleasure to see you all there and we really hope you had a great time with us.

About 600 people came for the conference, 150 during the hacking day, 40 got trained by our super trainers and 18 took the Symfony Certification exam. The wifi was shity, apologies again for that, but the food was delicious, Polish food is really good! The talks were awesome thanks to all of our 22 international and national speakers. By the way, don’t forget to leave a feedback about their talk on, they really need it. All the talks will be available soon on SensioLabs’ YouTube channel, subscribe to the channel to get the latest news. And all the pictures are available on SensioLabs Facebook fan page.

This SymfonyCon was also the occasion to organize the very first Symfony Awards Ceremony to reward all the Symfony Community and Business Awards. If you missed them, here are the winners per category.

Symfony Community Awards:

Symfony Business Awards:

The SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013

But we forgot to reward the last Symfony Community Award. Actually this Award is a very special one. Every year, we’ll now reward one special Community member for his entire work, enthusiasm, energy, implication and so ones, that he or she have made for the SymfonyCon! I’m very pleased to announce that for SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013, the 2013 Special SymfonyCon Award goes to ……….. Jeremy Mikola!! After a great talk, an incredible Jeopardy (with an exceptional entrance), an hilarious lightning talk and a super fun karaoke, we thought that he totally deserved it! Thanks Jeremy and congratulations!

To conclude, we’d like to thank you all of our sponsors for their support and confidence through the organization of the conference. Many thanks to our Gold Sponsors, they all had a cool stand: XSolve for the cool poker cards, Theodo for the fun lights saber and the waffles; and Zend for the elePHPant hunt. Thanks also to Acilia, our Silver Sponsor and thank you to all our Bronze Sponsors: Creativestyle and eZ Systems. Finally, a big thanks to GitHub for their Coffee Sponsorship! Oh, and I also need to thank SensioLabsInsight for the awesome Cocktail Party we had on Thursday night all together. We are so glad that you all played the game with the dress code. That party was amazing, all of us, the 600 people were wearing the SensioLabsInsight t-shirt, what a launch! I hope you noticed that each event hostess was wearing a different SensioLabsInsight t-shirt, each of them had one of the medal. On top of that, Grégory and Fabien had the two special SensioLabsInsight medals on their t-shirt, did you see that? This party was crazy, we were really happy to see you all coming and have such a good time with us. Enjoy the pictures!

Now, I hope you’re all ready for next year conference in Madrid, it’s going to be “de puta madre”.

Madrid 2014 we’re coming!

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  • Brian Debuire
    #1 Brian Debuire said on the 2013/12/20 at 17:40
    “de puta madre”!!! See you in Madrid! I hope :)

  • Manuel Esteban
    #2 Manuel Esteban said on the 2013/12/20 at 17:53
    It was really awesome, thank you SymfonyTeam !
    See you in Madrid for an even better Conference
  • Matthieu Auger
    #3 Matthieu Auger said on the 2013/12/20 at 19:21
    Congratulations to Jeremy Mikola, he really deserves it !
  • Luis Cordova
    #4 Luis Cordova said on the 2013/12/21 at 07:25
    I think that expression is too strong. But I will try to make it to Madrid, let's see this time!
  • Luis Cordova
    #5 Luis Cordova said on the 2013/12/21 at 07:26
    great SymfonyCon and congratulations for the organization Anne-Sophie /o/
  • Reece Fowell
    #6 Reece Fowell said on the 2013/12/21 at 16:00
    Thanks Fabien, Anne-Sophie, Jeremy, Luis and the Sponsors.

    The pancakes were nice too, thanks Theodo :D

    I did notice the host/hostesses t-shirts also. I particularly liked the chocolate medallion one, and kind of wanted one of those too :D

    More chocolate medal t-shirts next time maybe? :P

    Seriously, thanks to all who took part. I had a great time and learnt a lot. :)
  • Antonio Peric
    #7 Antonio Peric said on the 2013/12/21 at 20:54
    Love the picture:)

    C u in Madrid!!
  • Peter Kokot
    #8 Peter Kokot said on the 2013/12/22 at 04:48
    Awesome conference, awesome speakers, awesome folks. Respect. I'm planning to see you in Madrid as well.