The end of Silex

What about Silex in a Symfony 4 world? During the last few months, and as an exercise when working on Flex, I have migrated several applications from Silex to Symfony 4. And the conclusion is that Symfony 4 feels like using Silex.

Using Symfony 4 and Flex feels as lightweight as using Silex. You have full control about what features you want to enable or disable. The directory structure of both kinds of applications is similar with limited depth. And Symfony 4 is superior when it comes to the ecosystem. Whenever you need something, odds are that a bundle already exists for it. And for major ones, a recipe makes integration a breeze. And that's a great selling point of Symfony 4: it scales from very simple applications that just need a router and classes for HTTP messages to a monolith including bells and whistles.

Moving away from Silex is also made simpler as Symfony 4 almost auto-configure all your services. So, migration from Pimple is mostly about removing all the code without any replacements in the Symfony config.

For all these reasons, I would say that Silex is not needed anymore. So, we've decided to not support Symfony 4 in Silex, or at least not add the new features added in 3.4. The current stable version of Silex is still maintained for bugs and security issues. But its end of life is set to June 2018.

Having a unified community around Symfony 4 and Flex is great news and one implicit goals of all the work we have done during the last few years around DX experience.


Ah great news!
That makes thanks to me :)
Sad but true. RIP Silex, I would love you forever!
Really great news, Silex still a great project but with the new tools offered by Symfony 4, using Silex is kind of complicated and probably not desired if we want to build a professional and future-proof application.
I've great experience with silex and had developed many applications using it. I love the flexibility and lightness of the framework. Surely miss it.

As Symfony 4 and Flex feels as lightweight, It's time to move with it. Good news.
Thank you for all your contributions.
Could you share with us some tips about how to migrate from Silex to Sf 4 ?
For those looking for a guide explaining how to upgrade from Silex to Symfony 4, it's not ready yet but we're working on it. See
I hope that silex isn't removed from universe, just declare its death and leave it there, as I still maintain lot of silex based project.
The Silex repositories and the website won't be "removed" any time soon.
I have been playing around with Symfony 4 as I saw this coming, Symfony 4 does seem like a nice upgrade and I'll be looking to port my silex apps over to it soon.
Sad day but I really get the point. If it wasn't for Silex, maybe I wouldn't be such a Symfony fan. It really made it easier to overcome the deep learning curve of mastering Symfony, that was 6 years ago, with Flex, we get all the flexibility, it doesn't matter how big the project is, so it makes sense to end Silex.
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