I know that many of you were waiting for this news for so long, and I would like to thank you for your patience.

So, after several weeks of thorough work on writing and polishing the documentation for the new form framework, I'm happily ready to announce the availability of the first four chapters of the "symfony Forms in Action" book:

These chapters cover everything you need to get started. If you are a developer, you can read all chapters, from 1 to 4. If you are more of a web designer, then you probably only need to read chapter 3 to learn how to layout forms.

As symfony is made by French people, I'm pretty happy to announce that the book is also available in French:

Even if the four first chapters cover all the features that were available with the form system of symfony 1.0, more chapters are in the works to describe more advanced features. For the curious ones, here is the full table of contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Form Creation
  • Chapter 2 - Form Validation
  • Chapter 3 - Forms for Web Designers
  • Chapter 4 - Propel Integration
  • Chapter 5 - Advanced Forms
  • Chapter 6 - Nested Forms
  • Chapter 7 - Advanced Forms for Web Designers
  • Chapter 8 - Internationalisation and Localisation
  • Chapter 9 - Extending your Forms
  • Chapter 10 - Use with other frameworks
  • Appendix A - Bundled Widgets
  • Appendix B - Bundled Validators

I hope you will enjoy reading this book and that you will learn a lot from it. And please, don't hesitate to give us your feedback or ideas on how to improve the book. If you find typos, you can also submit a ticket on the trac system.

I also want to thank Dustin who spent the last few nights proofreading the book.