I (Victor Berchet) have joined SensioLabs at the beginning of March. Part of my mission there will be to help Fabien and the core team with the development of Symfony. I must say I am very excited about this.

As the Symfony 2.1 release is approaching and is almost feature complete, it is now time to work on the quality by fixing as much issues as possible. This is were the community can help us.

We have sorted out some defects that we think are important to fix. Some fixes should be straightforward while some others will be more challenging.

If you want to help us fixing some defects:

  • Let others know you are working on an issue by posting a comment on the ticket to avoid overlap;
  • Check if you should make the fix against 2.0 or 2.1;
  • Add some unit tests in order to validate the fix.

You can read more about how to contribute a patch in the documentation.

Fabien will post more extensively on the Symfony 2.1 documentation and schedule in the coming days.

Here is the ticket list:

Issues that should be easier to fix:

Issues that might not be that easy to fix:

We really appreciate your help.