The release of the new Yahoo! Bookmarks Beta has been on all news portals lately. Check the screencast accompanying the news if you didn't hear about this great release. Yahoo! Bookmarks has 20 million users, and is available in 12 languages (and counting).

But the real news about the new Yahoo! Bookmarks is that it was built with symfony. Why did Yahoo! choose our framework? According to Michael Salisbury, Technical Yahoo!, who was kind enough to give us his feedback, the major strengths of symfony over its competitors are:

  • Great documentation
  • Explicit and extensive configurability
  • Active development
  • Use of best-of-breed components rather than building everything again

The documentation was the first reason to choose symfony. It reaches a unique quality and coverage in the open-source world.

Michael emphasized that the configurability of symfony made it possible not only to translate the interface, but also to propose different features to every country and localize the application completely.

The Beta Bookmarks frontend development time took about 12 man-months; they started it in mid-June and released it a few days ago. Of course, they extended and modified symfony to fit their needs, but what's great is that they could actually do it, and that they will contribute their modifications to the community.

We are very happy to announce that such a major player in the web world chose symfony. That's the best birthday present we could ever dream of. And we hope that it will convince more and more IT managers to discover and adopt symfony, which is definitely a professional framework adapted to high demand web applications.

Spread the word, celebrate, for symfony enters a new age!