Symfony 4 was released on November 30th.
Update now to the best Symfony ever!

A week of symfony #277 (16->22 April 2012)

This week Symfony 2.1 introduced its shiny new web debug toolbar. In addition, the second bug-hunt day took place, resulting in tens of bug fixes and surpassing another remarkable milestone: more than 4,000 issues in the official repository.

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • a0d047b: [HttpFoundation] return from Response::prepare() so that the method may be chained
  • b06537e: [FrameworkBundle] refactored router:debug code to use get() when outputting a single route
  • 2a49449: [Form] simplified CSRF mechanism and removed csrf type (CSRF fields are now only added when the view is built)
  • fcb2227: [Form] deprecated FieldType, which has been merged into FormType
  • 46f0393, 6336d93: [Validator] removed return value from ConstraintValidatorInterface::isValid() and renamed method to validate() because of the lack of a return value
  • 1b320c8: [Finder] added not equal operator
  • 3939c90: [FrameworkBundle] fixed TraceableEventDispatcher unable to trace static class callables
  • 8bdff01: [DoctrineBridge, Form] added collection guess for array Doctrine type and array constraint type
  • b7b26af: [DependencyInjection] added IntrospectableContainerInterface::initialized()
  • ccd6bbc: [Form] removed extra CSRF field on collection prototype
  • c578d3a: [Filesystem] fixed makePathRelative on windows with mixed paths
  • 5c059aa: fixed chmod() calls to apply umask
  • e7f1295: [Filesystem] fixed Filesystem::chmod to apply umask properly
  • 082d86e, 218813c: [Finder] added contains() and notContains() methods
  • 94bee7a: [Filesystem] symlink() creates target directories
  • a22f0cd: enhanced FlattenException to include more methods from Exception
  • f7287db: [WebProfilerBundle] deprecated the verbose option for the WDT as this is not needed anymore
  • 9447b84: [Propel1] allowed PropelObjectCollection only in CollectionToArrayTransformer
  • 4ff92b9, 70a6de9: [EventDispatcher] added generic event class
  • f728463: [Finder] fixed the iterators
  • 3937561: [FrameworkBundle] look for translations in %kernel.root_dir%/Resources/%bundle%/translations
  • 01ca0ad: [Propel1] added security layer

2.0.x branch:

  • 6f9c05d: [Locale] completed Stub with intl_error_name
  • 0a60664: [Locale] updated StubIntlDateFormatter::format() exception message when timestamp argument is an array for PHP >= 5.3.4
  • f16ff89: [Locale] fixed StubNumberFormatter::parse() to behave like the NumberFormatter::parse() regarding to error flagging
  • e4cbbf3: [Locale] fixed StubNumberFormatter::format() to behave like the NumberFormatter::parse() regarding to error flagging
  • fab1b5a: [Locale] changed inequality operator to strict checking and updated some assertions
  • 3939c90: [FrameworkBundle] fixed TraceableEventDispatcher unable to trace static class callables
  • cd783fb, 686653a: [HttpKernel] fixed cache vary lookup and write
  • 9b5be1d: [Yaml] fixed tests when iconv and mbstring PHP extensions are not available
  • 7ddc8cb: [FrameworkBundle] monitor added/removed translations files in dev

Repository summary: 4,492 watchers (#1 in PHP, #30 overall) and 1164 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

They talked about us


Hm, maybe tens of bugs but I am tracking github regularly and I do not see any significant progress in eliminating bugs for some time - still 50-56 open issues and 10+ of them marked as "Bug" :/

What am I missing?
"New plugins" and "updated plugins" should at least have the 1.x version appended. It likely confuses newcomers. I would add a "New Bundles," "Updated Bundles" and "Most Active Bundles" sections.

I'm sure KNP Labs would love to provide the data.

If not, github is awesome.
Indeed, "Updated symfony1 plugins" and "New symfony1 plugins" would be better. :)

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