This week, Symfony 2.1.3 was released. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 2.2 version added a new BinaryFileResponse, useful for HTTP responses that deliver binary files. In addition, the Finder component was improved with new methods and a new BSD adapter.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.0 branch:

  • 6b42c8c: the exception message should say which field is not mapped

2.1 branch:

  • c4c5d3c: [Yaml] fixed double quotes escaping in Dumper
  • a0af8bf: [Form] adapted HTML5 format in DateTimeType as response to a closed ICU ticket

Master branch:

  • 2817a47: [Finder] fixed filename containing space bug in GNU adapter
  • 7322696: [HttpFoundation] added BinaryFileResponse
  • 4e826c7: [HttpKernel] added some more HTTP exceptions
  • c36dfc1: [Finder] added ->path() and ->notPath() methods (with basic tests)
  • 6258d12: [Finder] fixed expression classes
  • 4e21bf2: [Finder] added path() & notPath() support to GNU find adapter
  • 2401274, b550677: [Finder] added BSD adapter

Repository summary: 5,702 watchers (#1 in PHP, #35 overall) and 1,701 forks (#1 in PHP, #14 overall).

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