A week of symfony

A week of symfony #409 (27 October -> 2 November 2014)

This week Symfony routing implemented the serialization of the compiled route to speed things up. In addition, it improved error messages for lots of components and continued polishing the new VarDumper component. Lastly, this week the European Symfony community gathered around the Symfony Live Berlin 2014 conference, the last big Symfony event of the year before the SymfonyCon conference.

A week of symfony #408 (20->26 October 2014)

This week, Symfony Serializer component added support for handling circular references and DependencyInjection fixed some problems with aliases and circular references. Meanwhile, some interesting proposals were made for future Symfony versions, such as decoupling type validation from constraint validators and removing Blank/NotBlank constraints.

A week of symfony #407 (13->19 October 2014)

This week, the new Symfony Best Practices were published, sparking an intense debate among the community. In addition, the new Symfony installer became a reality and hopefully it will be ready for the launch of Symfony 2.6.

A week of symfony #406 (06->12 October 2014)

This week, New York was the capital of the Symfony world thanks to the Symfony Live conference. During his keynote, Fabien introduced the Symfony Best Practices initiative and unveiled the first specific details of Symfony 3.0 version, tentatively scheduled for November 2015. Lastly, the first speakers for the upcoming SymfonyCon conference were announced.

A week of symfony #405 (29 September -> 05 October 2014)

This week finished the development phase of Symfony 2.6. In the coming weeks, all the efforts will be directed towards stabilizing the codebase and finishing the documentation for the amazing new features, such as the Ajax requests in the debug toolbar, the Security component improvements and the deprecation of Icu component.

A week of symfony #404 (22->28 September 2014)

This week finished the development phase for the upcoming Symfony 2.6 version. Development activity was frantic to include all the great features that will be polished during the two month stabilization phase. Meanwhile, the Symfony Live London 2014 conference took place with great success. Next conference: Symfony Live New York 2014

A week of symfony #403 (15->21 September 2014)

This week, the development activity of Symfony increased significantly because we are approaching the end of the development phase for 2.6 version, which is scheduled for the end of this month. As part of the DX initiative, Symfony added four new shortcuts for controllers and simplified a bit the configuration of Twig form themes.

A week of symfony #402 (08->14 September 2014)

This week, Symfony project focused on the Intl component, adding some features and proposing a few changes to make it easier to use. Meanwhile, the discussions about the new Symfony installer continued and more changes for Symfony 3.0 were proposed.

A week of symfony #401 (01->07 September 2014)

This week Symfony released 2.3.19, 2.4.9 and 2.5.4 maintenance version to address several potential security vulnerabilities. In addition, the import/export feature of the web profiler was replaced by a CLI tool.

A week of symfony #400 (25->31 August 2014)

This week, "A Week of Symfony" achieves an incredible milestone: its 400th issue! That means that we've been publishing a weekly digest for almost eight years, without missing a single week.