In 2011, we developed a revolutionary installation method for the Symfony 2.0 version which ultimately resulted in the creation of the Composer project. Throughout subsequent versions of Symfony, we leveraged Composer and pushed it to its limits. Having done so, it's time to introduce a new way to install Symfony: the Symfony Installer.

The Symfony Installer is a small PHP application that requires one-time installation and allows you to create multiple new projects based on any Symfony version. Check out the new Symfony download page to learn how to install it as per your operating system.

Once installed, creating a new Symfony application becomes a simple matter of executing:

$ symfony new my_project_name

Wait for a few seconds and your new Symfony project will be ready. The following image shows the blazing-fast Symfony installer in action:

Symfony Installer in action

By default, new projects are always based on the latest stable version of Symfony. Don't worry, the installer is flexible enough to adapt to your particular needs:

# use the latest version of any branch
$ symfony new my_project_name 2.3
$ symfony new my_project_name 2.6

# use a specific version
$ symfony new my_project_name 2.3.26
$ symfony new my_project_name 2.5.10
$ symfony new my_project_name 2.6.4

# use the most recent LTS (long term support) version
$ symfony new my_project_name lts

Execute the symfony command without any option or argument to check out all its features.

What will happen to Composer installation?

As of today, the traditional Symfony installation based on Composer has been deprecated. Although you can still use Composer to install Symfony, the new Symfony Installer is the only recommended way to install Symfony, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced developer.

Of course we'll still continue to use (and love) Composer for managing dependencies in your Symfony projects as well as for updating Symfony versions.

Rest assured, we've been working on this installer for months, and hundreds of developers have already tested it successfully on their systems. However, if you do happen to find a bug, please open an issue report at the Symfony Installer repository.