Symfony 4 was released on November 30th.
Update now to the best Symfony ever!

Symfony 2.0.7 released

Symfony 2.0.7 has just been released.

The CHANGELOG has all the details about the changes done in this release and you can also have a look at the full diff.

If you are starting a new project, you can get the Symfony Standard Edition distribution on the download page.

If you already have a project based on the Symfony Standard Edition 2.0.x, you can easily upgrade to 2.0.7 by getting the new deps and deps.lock files.

Then, run the vendors script:

$ ./bin/vendors install

And don't forget to clear your cache:

$ php ./app/console cache:clear

Remember that the Symfony2 Components are also available as standalone libraries. You can get them via their dedicated read-only repositories on Github ( for instance), install them via PEAR (pear install symfony2/Finder), or even install them via Composer.


Great news!
When will this PR ( be available? :(
Good news :-) it's great to see so many regular releases of Symfony!
Thanks a lot for the good work! Are you going to tag v2.0.7 on the components repositories ?
At last the irritating Doctrine cache bug is fixed!
and Twig 1.4! Excelent!!!
I can't understand why the --path parameter is now required for
doctrine:generate:entities, what's a good reason for it not to
default to the bundle directory now?
Always happy to welcome a new release :)

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