Today, the Doctrine team announced the release of Doctrine 2.3.0. Congrats to them!

That's a good opportunity to release another Symfony 2.1 minor version. Symfony 2.1.2 comes with Doctrine 2.3.0 final and fixes a couple of minor bugs too (nothing to be excited about though).

Symfony 2.1.2 is also yet another release that tries to stabilize our usage of Composer. Jordi fixed a small/annoying/major flaw in the way the composer.lock file worked, and hopefully, we now have a solid foundation to manage our dependencies and to create a new Symfony project.

But first, you must upgrade Composer to its latest version; that's easy enough to achieve:

$ composer.phar self-update

Then, if you want to create a new Symfony project, download an archive or run the following command:

$ composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition path/ 2.1.2