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Fabien Potencier
Symfony 2.2.3 released
by Fabien Potencier – June 19, 2013 – 5 comments

I've just released Symfony 2.2.3. It is mainly about small bug fixes and more important, some regressions have also been fixed:

  • c0da3ae: [Process] Disable exception on stream_select timeout
  • 77f2aa8: [HttpFoundation] fixed issue with session_regenerate_id (closes #7380)
  • bcbbb28: Throw exception if value is passed to VALUE_NONE input, long syntax
  • 6b71513: fixed date type format pattern regex
  • 842f3fa: do not re-register commands each time a ConsoleApplication is run
  • 0991cd0: [Process] moved env check to the Process class (refs #8227)
  • 8764944: fix issue where $_ENV contains array vals
  • 4139936: [DomCrawler] Fix handling file:// without a host
  • de289d2: [Form] corrected interface bind() method defined against in deprecation notice
  • 0c0a3e9: [Console] fixed regression when calling a command foo:bar if there is another one like foo:bar:baz (closes #8245)
  • 849f3ed: [Finder] Fix SplFileInfo::getContents isn't working with ssh2 protocol
  • 25e3abd: fix many-to-many Propel1 ModelChoiceList
  • bce6bd2: [DomCrawler] Fixed a fatal error when setting a value in a malformed field name.
  • 445b2e3: [Console] fix status code when Exception::getCode returns something like 0.1
  • bbfde62: Fixed exit code for exceptions with error code 0
  • afad9c7: instantiate valid commands only
  • 6d2135b: force the Content-Type to html in the web profiler controllers

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