Lately, we've been busy improving the Symfony website.

Website Translations

First, you might have noticed that the Symfony website (its interface and its contents) is now translated in several languages. Actually, almost all the static contents for the website are now available in a Git repository where you can submit tweaks and updates for the English version of the website. You can also help translating the website in existing languages or new ones. Just have a look at the opened pull requests to see where you can help with the translation process.

Symfony Community Planet Feed

On the symfony1 website, we had a section with blog posts written by the community. The RSS feed was still available but it was slowly dying as it was not possible to add new feeds anymore.

We have re-implemented this feature on the website, where you can now submit you Symfony-related RSS feeds. We've also made a few changes to ensure the quality of the feed: the feed is now moderated and we only accept blog posts written in English and related to Symfony or the Symfony ecosystem at large. Browse the blog posts on the community page or to submit your blog feed there. You can also subscribe to the feed (the URL is the same as the previous one.)

Roadmap Notifications

Do you know that Symfony 2.0 is not maintained anymore? Do you know that, as of the beginning of October, Symfony 2.0 will not even receive security issue fixes anymore? Do you know that Symfony 2.4 is now feature-freezed?

You might have missed those milestones easily. Of course, the Roadmap page can answer these kind of questions and many other ones, but getting email notifications about some important dates would even be better. That's now possible! Just subscribe to the roadmap notifications, and once a month, we will send you an email about the major Symfony milestones (or no emails if nothing is going to happen soon). We alert you about dates like end of development phase for the current master version, or end of maintenance and end of life for past versions.

And that's just the beginning. In the next coming weeks/months, we will add more interesting features on the website. Stay tuned.