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A week of symfony #508 (19-25 September 2016)

This week, Symfony development activity focused on fixes and adding minor features. Meanwhile, Twig released its 1.25.0 version, deprecating some methods/features and making others more robust. Lastly, tomorrow Symfony will achieve 500 million downloads. Join us in the celebration and take part in the photo contest.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 79e25a9: [TwigBridge] removed Twig null nodes (deprecated as of Twig 1.25)
  • f7fc01d: [HttpFoundation] enable memcached tests with the latest memcached extension
  • d842307: [HttpKernel] fixed regression when exception message swallowed when logging it
  • 8e6342a: [Form] removed dead code and simplified the flow of FormView->isRendered()

3.1 changelog:

  • 8b7c3d3: [FrameworkBundle] made redis host configurable in tests
  • 23eee70: [Cache] fixed password used to make the redis connection
  • d79dedf: [Ldap] fixed issue with legacy find() method not working as expected

Master changelog:

  • a7a5c52: [Security] renamed object to subject in AccessDeniedException
  • 36c399f: [DependencyInjection] automatically detect the definitions class when possible
  • 06875e0: [Yaml] fixed parsing multi-line mapping values
  • 8f8f434: [DependencyInjection] use the correct exception class in Env parameter bag
  • 8993c8c: inlined the CSS styles related to exceptions
  • 5607c52: [Serializer] use the injected YAML parser
  • 7f1f232: [Translation] added Base Exception for the component
  • 5832c9d: [Routing] fixed route generation with fragment defined as defaults
  • 2eff192: [VarDumper] used ClassStub for reflected types
  • fd0d288: [Form] fixed FormDataCollector
  • 6479f49: [Cache] handle arbitrary key length when the backend can't use hashing

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • ccb7981: deprecated Twig_Environment::getLexer(), Twig_Environment::getParser() and Twig_Environment::getCompiler() methods
  • 6e25c3f: changed the way we store node filenames
  • 75482cf: deprecated the ability to store non Node instances in Node::$nodes
  • 0da2dd4: fixed embed parent token for simple use cases
  • 2fec9d4: fixed Twig cache sharing when used with different versions of PHP
  • 7df1e2f: removed usage of realpath in cache key
  • 746a804: added missing getDebugInfo() method on Twig_Template
  • 2486ea6, f2a9ef3: changed the way we store template source in template classes
  • a80ec17: improved the error message when a child template defines contents outside parent blocks

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