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Symfony 5: The Fast Track

A new book to learn about developing modern Symfony 5 applications.

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As part of the efforts of the diversity initiative we are looking at ways to make the experience for everyone more enjoyable and to make it easier for newcomers to get a foothold in the community. So one of the things we want to help achieve is to allow people to build networks. Since not everyone is a natural at this we would like to highlight to concrete ways in which we hope to make it easier for everyone: Conference buddies and sticker.

Updates About the "Symfony 5: The Fast Track" Book

The contents of the new book about Symfony 5 have been completed on time. Read the full table of contents and find out other surprising facts about the book.

CVE-2019-18888: Prevent argument injection in a MimeTypeGuesser

CVE-2019-18888 fixes an issue where provided file paths to the MimeTypeGuesser were not properly escaped before being executed.

CVE-2019-11325: Fix escaping of strings in VarExporter

CVE-2019-11325 fixes an issue where some strings were not properly escaped while dumping, leading to possible remote code execution.

CVE-2019-18886: Prevent user enumeration using switch user functionality

CVE-2019-18886 fixes an issue where one could enumerate users using the switch user functionality as different behaviour would occur when a user existed compared to when a user did not

CVE-2019-18887: Use constant time comparison in UriSigner

CVE-2019-18887 fixes an issue where one could guess the signature of an URI using a remote timing attack.

Symfony 5.0.0-BETA2 released

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CVE-2019-18889: Forbid serializing AbstractAdapter and TagAwareAdapter instances

CVE-2019-18889 fixes an issue where the destructor of TagAwareAdapter execute callables stored in properties, leading to possible remote code execution when an external payload is unserialized.

Symfony 4.4.0-BETA2 released

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Symfony 4.3.8 released

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