New in Symfony 5.1: String improvements

In Symfony 5.1, the String component uses the Stringable interface from PHP 8, improves methods such as truncate() and adds useful methods such as containsAny() and reverse().

New in Symfony 5.1: Routing improvements

In Symfony 5.1, routes can be stateless, route conditions can include env vars and the request context is easier to configure.

New in Symfony 5.1: Improved route configuration

In Symfony 5.1, configuring redirections and rendering templates from route configuration will be much simpler.

Symfony 5.0.7 released

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Symfony 4.4.7 released

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CVE-2020-5275: All "access_control" rules are required when a firewall uses the unanimous strategy

CVE-2020-5275 fixes an issue preventing all rules set in "access_control" to be checked when a firewall is configured with the unanimous strategy

CVE-2020-5255: Prevent cache poisoning via a Response Content-Type header

CVE-2020-5255 fixes a cache poisoning issue via a Response Content-Type header

CVE-2020-5274: Fix Exception message escaping rendered by ErrorHandler

CVE-2020-5274 fixes Exception message escaping rendered by ErrorHandler.

New in Symfony Polyfills 1.15

Symfony Polyfills 1.15 adds support for new functions and interfaces that will be introduced in PHP 8.0 later this year.

Symfony 3.4.39 released

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