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Scholarship program and its fundraising are open at SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019

We're very pleased to launch our scholarship program for SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019! We're also launching a fundraising campaign to finance the scholarship program, check here all the details!

New in Symfony 4.4: Password Migrations

In Symfony 4.4, user passwords can be rehashed automatically when a better hashing algorithm is available.

New in Symfony 4.4: PHPUnit Assertions for Email Messages

In Symfony 4.4, you can use new PHPUnit assertions to test the email messages and their contents.

New in Symfony 4.4: Messenger Middleware to Clear Doctrine Entity Manager

In Symfony 4.4, the Messenger component added a new middleware to clear the Doctrine entity manager when a message is consumed to avoid memory leaks and side-effects.

New in Symfony 4.4: Improved Type Constraint

In Symfony 4.4, the Type constraint can check that the given value type is one of several possible types.

A Week of Symfony #667 (7-13 October 2019)

This week, Symfony 3.4.32 and 4.3.5 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 4.4 version improved the syntax for defining method calls in YAML, improved performance of filesystem-based caches and allowed to omit the event name when registering listeners.

New in Symfony 4.4: New DomCrawler Methods

In Symfony 4.4, the DomCrawler component will add three new methods called matches(), closest() and outerHtml() and it will add a new feature to remove all white spaces from text.

New in Symfony 4.4: Signing and Encrypting Email Messages

In Symfony 4.4, the Mailer and Mime components will add support for signing an encrypting email messages to improve their integrity and security.

Symfony 4.3.5 released

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Symfony 3.4.32 released

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