New in Symfony 4.3: Extracting Translation Contents from PHP Files

In Symfony 4.3, the translation:update command has been improved to also extract translation contents from PHP files.

Last days to submit a talk proposal for SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019

Call for Papers for SymfonyCon Amsterdam ends on May 24th 2019, submit now your talk proposals for the international Symfony conference!

Symfony 4.3.0-BETA2 released

Read release notes

New in Symfony 4.3: Timezone improvements

Symfony 4.3 will improve support of timezones in the Intl, Validator and Form components.

Less than a month before SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019

SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019 is coming next month! Today's the very last day to register at regular rates and there are only a few seats left for the workshops, register now!

A Week of Symfony #646 (13-19 May 2019)

This week Symfony continued polishing the upcoming Symfony 4.3 version with the addition of a cache to improve PropertyInfo performance. In addition, the Symfony local web server started publishing its releases on GitHub, so you can watch that repository to not miss any release. Lastly, a special Amsterdam PHP Meetup was announced for June 20th in anticipation of the SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019 conference.

New in Symfony 4.3: Native password encoder

Symfony 4.3 introduces a new native password encoder to auto-select the best possible hashing algorithm available to hash user passwords.

Join Fabien Potencier at Amsterdam PHP meetup on June 20th

We’re super excited to announce that Fabien Potencier, Symfony founder, will speak at Amsterdam PHP meetup on June 20th about “Developing Symfony applications in 2019”. Join us there!

New in Symfony 4.3: HttpClient component

Symfony 4.3 adds a new and modern HttpClient component to help you make and process HTTP requests.

New in DoctrineBundle 1.11.0

DoctrineBundle 1.11.0 has been released with a simpler configuration for Symfony Cache pools, new Messenger middleware services and new utilities to debug failing queries.