SymfonyTour 2019

Next year, we'll meet the Symfony Community in Lille (France), Paris (France), Tunis (Tunisia), São Paulo (Brazil), Warsaw (Poland), London (UK), Berlin (Germany), New-York (USA) and Amsterdam (Netherlands). Discover all the Symfony conferences we'll organize in 2019!

SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 was a blast!

The international Symfony conference took place last week in Lisbon, Portugal. Let's wrap up this wonderful Symfony week!

Local Web Server Reloaded for Symfony Apps

Developing Symfony apps on your local machine will be a much better and simpler experience thanks to the new Symfony binary provided by SymfonyCloud.

A Week of Symfony #623 (3-9 December 2018)

This week, 2.7.50, 2.8.49, 3.4.20, 4.0.15, 4.1.9 and 4.2.1 were published as maintenance and security releases. In addition, the SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 conference gathered hundreds of Symfony community members from all around the world.

Symfony 4.2.1 released

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CVE-2018-19790: Open Redirect Vulnerability when using Security\Http

CVE-2018-19790 fixes an open redirect vulnerability when using Security\Http

CVE-2018-19789: Disclosure of uploaded files full path

CVE-2018-19789 fixes a possible disclosure of an uploaded temporary file's full path in the form component

Symfony 4.1.9 released

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Symfony 4.0.15 released

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Symfony 3.4.20 released

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