Symfony Bundles Documentation

Bundles provide ready-to-use features for Symfony applications. Read the docs of the most useful and recommended bundles.

DoctrineBundle by doctrine

Symfony Bundle for Doctrine ORM and DBAL

DoctrineFixturesBundle by doctrine

Symfony integration for the doctrine/data-fixtures library

DoctrineMigrationsBundle by doctrine

Symfony integration for the doctrine/migrations library

EasyAdminBundle by EasyCorp

EasyAdmin is a fast, beautiful and modern admin generator for Symfony applications

FOSCKEditorBundle by FriendsOfSymfony

Provides a CKEditor integration for your Symfony project

KnpMenuBundle by KnpLabs

Object Oriented menus for your Symfony project

LiipImagineBundle by liip

Symfony Bundle to assist in imagine manipulation using the imagine library

NelmioApiDocBundle by nelmio

Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations

SensioFrameworkExtraBundle by sensiolabs

An extension to Symfony FrameworkBundle that adds annotation configuration for Controller classes

SonataAdminBundle by sonata-project

The missing Symfony Admin Generator

StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle by stof

Integration bundle for DoctrineExtensions by l3pp4rd in Symfony

SymfonyMakerBundle by symfony

Symfony Maker Bundle

SchebTwoFactorBundle by scheb

Two-factor authentication for Symfony applications 🔐

ZenstruckFoundryBundle by zenstruck

A model factory library for creating expressive, auto-completable, on-demand dev/test fixtures with Symfony and Doctrine

CMFRoutingBundle by symfony-cmf

Symfony bundle to provide the CMF chain router to handle multiple routers, and the dynamic router to load routes from a database or other sources