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SymfonyOnline June 2023

Jun 15–16, 2023

Online event

SymfonyLive Berlin 2023

Oct 5–6, 2023

Berlin (Germany)

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023

Dec 7–8, 2023

Brussels (Belgium)

SymfonyLive Paris 2024

Mar 28–29, 2024

Paris (France)

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Sylius German Community Meetup

June 19, 2023

🇩🇪 Berlin (Germany)

We invite everyone interested in Sylius to the Sylius German Community Meetup! The event will be attended by speakers who will present presentations on the development of Sylius. It will be a great opportunity to get to know the vendor, networking and establish new business contacts.

"Developing Cloud-Gateways with Symfony"

June 20, 2023

🇩🇪 Köln (Germany)

Hallo Symfony-Freunde, Wir freuen uns, euch zu unserem nächsten Meetup begrüßen zu dürfen und noch viel mehr freuen wir uns unsere beiden Talks. Zeitplan: 18:45 Uhr: Ankommen und Get-Together19:00 Uhr: Intro19:10 Uhr: Denis Brumann "**Developing ...

Sylius Meetup Toulouse 22/06

June 22, 2023

🇫🇷 Toulouse (France)

Retrouvez-nous pour un meetup 100% Sylius, la solution e-commerce basée sur Symfony. Conférences, apéro communautaire, échanges, ce meetup invite tous les développeurs qui utilisent ou s'intéressent à se retrouver autour d'une soirée spécial...

Web Summer Camp 2023

August 31, 2023 – September 2, 2023

🇭🇷 Opatija (Croatia)

11th edition of the Web Summer Camp will offer 2 days of hands-on workshops in several tracks (including PHP and Symfony) and 1 day of conference with in-depth talk on relevant web design and development topics.

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Teams hybrid + remote entwickeln

June 6, 2023

🇩🇪 Hamburg (Germany)

Präsenz-Treffen der Symfony-Usergroup Hamburg bei der BERATUNG JUDITH ANDRESEN auf der VILLA HENRIETTE. Einlass: 18.30 UhrVortrag: 19 Uhr Diesmal mit einem Vortrag von **Judith Andresen**: **Teams hybrid + remote entwickeln** Die HomeOffice-Quote is...

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Messenger autrement + les nouveautés de Symfony 6.3

May 22, 2023

🇫🇷 Aix-en-Provence (France)

Salut les Symfonistes ! Voici enfin le prochain meetup Symfony :) Commençons par remercier les bénévoles et sponsors qui vous préparent cette belle soirée : * **Speaker** : merci **Allison Guilhem**

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First in-person SFUK meetup since COVID!

May 11, 2023

🇬🇧 London (United Kingdom)

We're back! After a 2-year hiatus (sorry about that 😬) we'll be hosting in-person meetups again. Lendable have kindly given us their space to use (if you've been to meetups at their Shoreditch office in the past, please note the \*new\* address!)....

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11. PHP Symfony User Group Basel

May 4, 2023

🇨🇭 Basel (Switzerland)

Herzlich Willkommen zur 11. PHP Symfony User Group Basel! Nach den erfolgreichen Durchführungen der vergangenen PHP Symfony User Group Basel freut sich IWF Web Solutions, euch zum nächsten Treffen am Donnerstag 4. Mai 2023 einzuladen.Worum wird es ...

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Developing Cloud-Gateways with Symfony by Denis Brumann

April 26, 2023

🇩🇪 Berlin (Germany)

Hey fellow Symfonians, We are really happy to announce the upcoming Symfony Usergroup where Denis Brumann will talk about Cloud-Gateways and how to develop for them with Symfony. This event will be hosted by rebuy in the center of Berlin. Please come...

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Save the date: API first

April 4, 2023

🇩🇪 Hamburg (Germany)

Präsenz-Treffen der Symfony-Usergroup Hamburg bei CHECK24 Einlass: 18.30 UhrVortrag: 19 Uhr Diesmal mit einem Vortrag zum Thema **API first** Der Titel des Vortrags und ein Abstract folgen. Nach dem Vortrag verlosen wir noch einen JetBrains-Gutschei...

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Symfony Community Night

February 10, 2023

🇩🇪 Köln (Germany)

Hello Symfony friends, The year is not even old yet and we are happy to invite you directly to a Symfony User Group Special.Welcome to the **Symfony Community Night!**Unlike traditional Symfony User Groups, we want to break out a little bit here.Ther...

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Lazy Objects by Nicolas Grekas & Functional Programming with PHP by Chemaclass

February 8, 2023

🇩🇪 Berlin (Germany)

Happy new year fellow Symfonians, We are really happy to announce that **Nicolas Grekas,** Symfony core developer and creator of many cool Symfony components and features, is coming to Berlin for us to talk at our Symfony User Group on February 8th. ...