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Download Symfony

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

wget https://get.symfony.com/cli/installer -O - | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • linux_amd64: 88142e437559febbcd06678687024a9adb0dca57117cb83b84651280b5edf2af
  • linux_386: 9bf4554326c228053712bd2aa94d9210b2aa231744ec3d449e85dfc6fbde131c

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

curl -sS https://get.symfony.com/cli/installer | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • darwin_amd64: 10482e57bd02a366976e8542f7abeb0a0fc093098798e1ba09a9ab4b75385102
  • darwin_386: 8424c27cf2051d9c88f0cb989696d790bbb7d284def64b271030ba239ecd84e5
If you prefer, you can download the binary directly:
32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

SHA-256 checksums of the installer and binaries

SHA-256 checksum of the setup.exe installer:


SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary:

  • windows_amd64: 23e06cf8f35e0cf4e4293e79432faec2fcae3c8e8a85e7aa1551e9bcc3e95f88
  • windows_386: fd40e6693da5fb7a8787710191e0493600df5dcf71bc488fc81054f04acdc72a

Changelog of the most recent Symfony Binary versions:


  • Add "--renew" flag to "server:ca:install" to force CA regeneration
  • Fix "server:ca:install" does not re-install certificate when using "--force" flag
  • Add "proxy:domain:detach"
  • Add attached domain names in the output of "server:status"


  • Disable interactivity in CI (even if they expose themselves as a TTY)
  • Fix the use of API Tokens requests new OAuth token for each request
  • Add a warning when the local CA should be regenerated
  • Fix "server:ca:install --force" does not properly regenerate CA


  • Fix formatting health.* integrations details
  • Automatically specify project ID when using "open:support" or "open:issue"
  • Don't display 'Remote and local environments are out-of-sync' warning when using the --project flag
  • Fix potential panic during autoupdate cache directory creation
  • Add a note about trailing dots in cname values
  • Check for unused subscriptions before creating a new one
  • Remove extra debug message
  • Allow to change the env var prefix of Docker services via the "com.symfony.server.service-prefix" label

End-User License Agreement of the Symfony binary.

The symfony binary created by the installer provides:

Creating Symfony applications

If you are building a traditional web application:

symfony new --full my_project

If you are building a microservice, console application or API:

symfony new my_project

Read the docs to learn about installing Symfony with Composer.

Use the Symfony Components

Symfony Components are a set of decoupled and reusable libraries that can be used in any PHP application.

Install Composer and run this command to add a Symfony component in your app:

composer require
Symfony Demo application

The best Symfony learning resource and the reference to develop applications following the official best practices.


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