Download Symfony

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

wget -O - | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • linux_amd64: 1e8793b5e24a1f9df3b1793071f012c46e2bab550cfb16045dd3885c97a9c242
  • linux_386: 1b0a0665a4d11e96143e3c16a13c7b7096cde3d838575c52c904d67831105cbe

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

curl -sS | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • darwin_amd64: 33cca15c38f962c903a06a6a4e256e9f66af5e76a84c30a3db599c67bb144d2a
  • darwin_386: 60503c96be537bd4c7e838f619250a289ee00f40eb0cc4532e23d1f9ccd15b33
If you prefer, you can download the binary directly:
32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

SHA-256 checksums of the installer and binaries

SHA-256 checksum of the setup.exe installer:


SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary:

  • windows_amd64: 8912b3e5bc262718d60ceefc676ffac0738d404b1a52dcb970df95d9139a4056
  • windows_386: 0cb62d6e32afdc443b415afd71b11317ff012c8055bbf52a4a9a8953cdeef2e4


  • Fix PHP-FPM logs wrong levels
  • Fix panic when installing the local CA and the system trust store cannot be found
  • Fix panic when a file/dir is not accessible when discovering PHP versions
  • Add support for "lts", "stable", "next", and "previous" as supported versions on "symfony new"
  • Rename "security:check" to "check:security"
  • Add automatic "composer" download when not available on "symfony new" and "symfony composer"
  • Add "check:requirements"


  • Fix PHP discovery for homebrew (when the binary contains a "_" under the "php/" subdirectory)
  • Add "billing:update:card" command to allow one to update projects's billing card from CLI
  • Change default PHP version selection to prefer non-symlinked versions
  • Fix infinite loop when credit card is invalid
  • Add a command to refresh PHP versions ("local:php:refresh")
  • Fix a panic when adding something between "symfony" and "composer"/"php"/"console"
  • Fix PHP version used for "symfony composer"
  • Add support for phpenv dev versions
  • Add information about why a PHP version is chosen for the current directory in "local:php:list"
  • Allow to "project:scale" directly to a specific plan
  • Fix looking for all PHP versions in PATH on Linux


  • Fix panics on Windows when using non interactive SSH sessions (for example "db:dump > dump.sql")
  • Disable ANSI color emulation on Windows when we detect a POSIX compatible emulator (fix panics with log coloration)
  • Fix Windows color emulation is not present when using Hyper
  • Fix Git should not be required for Local Web Server
  • Display a warning in Local Web Server logs when we detect a container with none of its ports exposed
  • Add support for phpbrew dev versions
  • Fix string escaping when generating PHP files

End-User License Agreement of the Symfony binary.

Latest version: 4.6.4

The symfony binary created by the installer provides:

Creating Symfony applications

If you are building a traditional web application:

symfony new --full my_project

If you are building a microservice, console application or API:

symfony new my_project

Read the docs to learn about installing Symfony with Composer.

Use the Symfony Components

Symfony Components are a set of decoupled and reusable libraries that can be used in any PHP application.

Install Composer and run this command to add a Symfony component in your app:

composer require
Symfony Demo application

The best Symfony learning resource and the reference to develop applications following the official best practices.


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