Download Symfony

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

wget -O - | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • linux_amd64: 2882e14a4c8ce54064b3ba4c77df5d616d3c3b38c3f6ed354719c00003e0d0d1
  • linux_386: 803f13eb8dfde1f217aab58979912ed1f89ff1b22029721b439490ca591681db

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

curl -sS | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • darwin_amd64: 87965bc4f04d4a1802b285821e87456f8e83ad4399f6f7644ff9ee985b300469
  • darwin_386: 110487df2053cc81faec71f74a1acd173bed8d5b0bb5514a37b6129d3adcefff
If you prefer, you can download the binary directly:
32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

SHA-256 checksums of the installer and binaries

SHA-256 checksum of the setup.exe installer:


SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary:

  • windows_amd64: c534d014f5fde67b478d5248369da4d7b67b98beb9778287b169541ee541b698
  • windows_386: cd78c3040cb32b4a9e0aa6bd5e7859db3f2bbad79953464e4db094906c815212

Changelog of the most recent Symfony Binary versions:


  • Fix panic when no PHP versions are detected


  • Fix going into background makes parent process hang
  • Remove ""--force-php-discovery"" flag on ""server:start""


  • Allow customers to stop or decline a cloud trial and move to a paid subscription directly
  • Add command ""project:billing:accept"" to disable project suspension at then end of trial
  • Rename ""billing:update:card"" command to ""project:billing:update-card""
  • Fix detection of the default PHP version from PATH
  • Fix PHP version used when executing "php" in a sub-process
  • Add Docker Compose detection when configured via "COMPOSE_FILE"
  • Allow to configure COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME via .env

End-User License Agreement of the Symfony binary.

The symfony binary created by the installer provides:

Creating Symfony applications

If you are building a traditional web application:

symfony new --full my_project

If you are building a microservice, console application or API:

symfony new my_project

Read the docs to learn about installing Symfony with Composer.

Use the Symfony Components

Symfony Components are a set of decoupled and reusable libraries that can be used in any PHP application.

Install Composer and run this command to add a Symfony component in your app:

composer require
Symfony Demo application

The best Symfony learning resource and the reference to develop applications following the official best practices.


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