Download Symfony

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

wget -O - | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • linux_amd64: 3437195497c148241481874141997e1edb26b8dc280879f8e2821c4c99a3cf5f
  • linux_386: 24dc035591a586e0c55a51973759f2e1a810a56e9c875f56d39ebcfbe12c3524

Run this installer to create a binary called symfony:

curl -sS | bash
SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary
  • darwin_amd64: 8fbd7b2363966655daaf80055e3a068edf1d2cef3bca5515c02dbe93d8c6fb89
  • darwin_386: 936861ccd334bdb94c8eac4da7d1641847215b4dc085b85fb11f4086f181d227
If you prefer, you can download the binary directly:
32-bit or 64-bit platforms.

SHA-256 checksums of the installer and binaries

SHA-256 checksum of the setup.exe installer:


SHA-256 checksums of the installed binary:

  • windows_amd64: f756d4a152bd559e7832db29475c4874dd949f3349dbb0d7fabe17ce4934a083
  • windows_386: 06c649f438deac3de30a2952cbf6ba3b774494590173a987ac2f902cafdf16b9

Changelog of the most recent Symfony Binary versions:


  • Reload PHP versions when PHP is not found anymore in the cached stored version
  • Fix various panics


  • Load "php.ini", extra env vars, and PHP settings from "" in the same between the PHP server and ""symfony php""


  • Only use locally downloaded "composer.phar" as a permanent fallback

End-User License Agreement of the Symfony binary.

The symfony binary created by the installer provides:

Creating Symfony applications

If you are building a traditional web application:

symfony new --full my_project

If you are building a microservice, console application or API:

symfony new my_project

Read the docs to learn about installing Symfony with Composer.

Use the Symfony Components

Symfony Components are a set of decoupled and reusable libraries that can be used in any PHP application.

Install Composer and run this command to add a Symfony component in your app:

composer require
Symfony Demo application

The best Symfony learning resource and the reference to develop applications following the official best practices.


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