Symfony 3.2.5 released

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New in Symfony 3.3: Asset preloading with HTTP/2 Push

Symfony 3.3 added support for preloading web assets with HTTP/2 Push, a technique that allows web servers to send resources to a web browser before the browser gets to request them.

Symfony 2.8.18 released

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Symfony 2.7.25 released

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A week of symfony #531 (27 February - 5 March 2017)

This week, Symfony development activity was very intense. First, we continued removing some container injections in favor of service locators. Then, we replaced the wildcard-based method autowiring by @required annotation and deprecated X-Status-Code for a better alternative. Finally, we added support for making form types private services and optimized the Symfony router matcher.

A week of symfony #530 (20-26 February 2017)

This week Symfony continued refactoring tests to make use of the new PHPUnit namespaces. Meanwhile, we added a build() method to the Kernel class to replace the Bundle::build() method. Lastly, we updated the main Symfony README file to add much more useful information.

New in Symfony 3.3: XLIFF linter

In Symfony 3.3 we added a new linter to check the XLIFF translation files.

New in Symfony 3.3: Getter injection

Symfony 3.3 adds a new experimental dependency injection mechanism called "getter injection".

A week of symfony #529 (13-19 February 2017)

This week, the DependencyInjection component continued focusing most of the development activity. Its most significant change was the support for named arguments. Meanwhile, we updated tests to use the new PHPUnit namespaces and we introduced support for using glob patterns everywhere to load configuration files.

New in Symfony 3.3: Deprecated the autowiring types

In Symfony 3.3, the "autowiring-types" option is deprecated in favor of defining simple service aliases.