New in Symfony 4.3: Improved the NotBlank Validator

In Symfony 4.3, the NotBlank validator defines a new config option to allow ignoring null values.

Symfony 4.1.11 released

Read release notes

SymfonyLive Paris 2019: the first selected talks are online!

We are pleased to announce the first part of the conference schedule for SymfonyLive Paris 2019!

New in Symfony 4.3: Deprecating service aliases

In Symfony 4.3 service aliases can be deprecated to ensure a smooth upgrade until you remove them.

A Week of Symfony #630 (21-27 January 2019)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 4.3 version added support for deprecating service aliases and introduced native PHP serialization for the Messenger transport. Meanwhile, the Symfony diversity initiative published the 2018 transparency report and other updates about the governance process and a call for donations. Finally, the SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019 conference opened its registration (Warsaw, Poland, June 13-14).

Diversity Initiative Governance, Donations and Speaker Mentoring

SymfonyCon talk about “One year diversity initiative” has been published for free. A governance process for the diversity initiative has been added to the documentation. More information about how to donate in different currencies and via Paypal. Also given the positive feedback on our twitter poll for a speaker mentoring workshop, we have decided that we want to offer this training in two sessions on March 24th and 31st at 10:00 PST / 19:00 CET. But we still need donations to be able to afford to offer this training. So please donate if you can!

Symfony Code of Conduct Transparency Report 2018

Transparency report for the activities done by the Symfony Code of Conduct Active Response Ensurers team during 2018.

SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019: the website is released!

Early bird registration and Call for Papers are now open for SymfonyLive Warszawa 2019!

A Week of Symfony #629 (14-20 January 2019)

This week, Symfony finally made the switch to the short array notation on its entire codebase. In addition, a security bug bounty program was announced for the Symfony project. Finally, the schedule of SymfonyLive Lille 2019 conference was unveiled.

New in Symfony 4.3: DomCrawler improvements

In Symfony 4.3, the DomCrawler component has been improved to allow getting the name of the nodes and to allow defining a default value when extracting their text and HTML contents.