New in Symfony 4.2: Define env vars per environment

Symfony 4.2 adds support for defining the value of env vars per environment, simplifying the configuration of your applications.

New in Symfony 4.2: Better autowiring debug

In Symfony 4.2, the debug:autowiring command has been improved to make its information easier to understand.

A Week of Symfony #617 (22-28 October 2018)

This week, development activity focused on polishing the upcoming Symfony 4.2 version, which will be released in 5 weeks. We improved performance of service discovery for large applications and we optimized the way env vars are exported. We also improved the log filter in the Symfony profiler to support filtering by multiple criteria.

New in Symfony 4.2: Acceptable Request Formats

The new getAcceptableFormats() method added in Symfony 4.2 allows to get a simplified list of request formats accepted by browsers.

New in Symfony 4.2: Simpler custom serialized names

In Symfony 4.2, the custom names of properties when objects are serialized can be configured using metadata, instead of having to create a name converter.

Diversity Initiative Update: Mentoring and conference organization

As part of the diversity initiative we in the beginning focused on putting systems into place to ensure that everyone can feel safe within our community. A major step was the adoption of the CoC and establishing of the CARE team, and maybe even more so by discussions within our community. We have made huge strides forward in creatking more positive atmosphere on the Symfony devs Slack. However, the obvious next step is to actively invite new developers to join our community and empower existing members to take the next step in making their voices heard. For this reason we published two new sections in our documentation: one for general mentoring and one for speaker mentoring.

New in Symfony 4.2: Important deprecations

In Symfony 4.2 we've deprecated some relevant features (like the base controller class and some console options) that you may need to update in your applications.

3 top reasons to come to SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018!

SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 is coming very soon! Not registered yet? Here are 3 top reasons to join us there and don't miss the unmissable!

A Week of Symfony #616 (15-21 October 2018)

This week, Symfony 4.2 deprecated the kernel name and the usage of getRootDir() and kernel.root_dir. Meanwhile, the Form component added a new help_attr option and the Messenger component renamed and reorganized some of its classes.

New in Symfony 4.2: Wait until processes are ready

In Symfony 4.2 we added a new waitUntil() method which allows to control for how long the application waits for a process.