How to send SMS Messages

6.0 version
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Symfony 6.0 is backed by SensioLabs.

How to send SMS MessagesΒΆ

The Symfony\Component\Notifier\TexterInterface class allows you to send SMS messages:

// src/Controller/SecurityController.php
namespace App\Controller;

use Symfony\Component\Notifier\Message\SmsMessage;
use Symfony\Component\Notifier\TexterInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Routing\Annotation\Route;

class SecurityController
     * @Route("/login/success")
    public function loginSuccess(TexterInterface $texter)
        $sms = new SmsMessage(
            // the phone number to send the SMS message to
            // the message
            'A new login was detected!'

        $sentMessage = $texter->send($sms);

        // ...

The send() method returns a variable of type Symfony\Component\Notifier\Message\SentMessage which provides information such as the message ID and the original message contents.

See also

Read the main Notifier guide to see how to configure the different transports.

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