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A week of symfony #353 (30 September -> 6 October 2013)

This week, the development phase of Symfony 2.4 finished with a ton of new features committed to the Symfony repository, such as a way to override the Request class, the routing/container descriptors, the refactor of the sessions to avoid writing the session at each request and the possibility to register Commands via the DIC. In addition, it was announced that the Symfony Certification exam can now be taken in nearly 4,000 test centers across the world.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.2 changelog:

  • 8c8cf62: fixed Client when using the terminable event
  • e281d77: [Form] enforce correct timezone
  • 526d285: [FrameworkBundle] fixed path replacement on Windows
  • 89a0404: [Form] added support for Length and Range constraint in ValidatorTypeGuesser in order to replace MaxLength, MinLength, Max and Min constraints in next release
  • 8fc6443: [HttpKernel] check for lock existence before unlinking it in the HttpCache Store class
  • 6744ead: [FrameworkBundle] check event listener services are not abstract

Master changelog:

  • 9c4bc9a: [HttpKernel] decoupled TraceableEventDispatcher and Profiler
  • 5cedea2: [HttpKernel] added LateDataCollectorInterface
  • 8e4c2a7: [Form] refactored the boolean attributes to match HTML spec
  • b85577b: [Form] improved test coverage of widget_attributes and widget_container_attributes blocks
  • 0f80916: [Security] added Security\Csrf sub-component with better token generation
  • 191418d: [HttpFoundation] added a way to avoid the session be written at each request
  • 81aead2, d80e840: [Console] pass command name automatically if required by the application
  • 464439d: [HttpFoundation] added a way to override the Request class
  • f5812c5: [Form] let null values to unset fields in PATCH requests
  • 739bf71: [DomCrawler] allowed internal validation of ChoiceFormField to be disabled
  • 7e5c901: [Console] throw an exception if the command does not contain aliases
  • f6c12bd: [Templating] fix logic regarding template references and many phpdocs
  • a28eb8b: [Console] fixed verbose option when passing verbosity level as option value
  • 22f9bc8: [FrameworkBundle] added routing/container descriptors
  • 7b99ede: [FrameworkBundle] updated XML route description
  • da9bee0: [Console] added a compact layout for the table helper
  • d997dfa: [FrameworkBundle] fixed container:debug and router:debug commands
  • 1d210f8: [FrameworkBundle] changed the router:debug to use the shortcut notation for the controller
  • bd16157: [FrameworkBundle] changed JSON descriptors to be more readable on PHP 5.4+
  • 4c2d2e2: [ExpressionLanguage] replaced the =~ operator by matches (removed the != operator)
  • a386c74: [Form] added a 'submitted' attribute to the form view
  • cabb1fa: [FrameworkBundle] added the possibility to register Commands via the DIC

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