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A Week of Symfony #700 (25-31 May 2020)

This week Symfony 5.1 was released. This major version contains hundreds of tweaks and improvements and tens of nice new features. Symfony also released its 3.4.41, 4.4.9 and 5.0.9 maintenance versions. In addition, this week we published the 700th issue of "A Week of Symfony". Thanks for reading us every week for more than 13 years, making it one of the longest-running blog series in the entire software industry.

Symfony development highlights

3.4 changelog:

  • ce61bb0: [Security] fixed handling of CSRF logout error
  • e1e314d: handle fetch mode deprecation of DBAL 2.11
  • b7cd22c: [Console] added meaningful message when using ProcessHelper and Process is not installed
  • a3c460f: [Form] updated Hungarian translations
  • 8861ee1, 03cad5a: [Validator] updated Czech translation
  • 2e8ae40: [Form] validated subforms in all validation groups
  • ca66e6c: [PropertyAccess] fixed TypeError parsing again
  • 8e40814: [Console] fixed QuestionHelper::disableStty()
  • 84081ad: [Validator] never directly validate Existence (Required/Optional) constraints

4.4 changelog:

  • b524e04: [Mime] allowed email message to have "To"
  • 0d2bc7b: [ErrorHandler] fixed setting $trace to null in FatalError
  • 96d2d19: [TwigBridge] fixed fallback html-to-txt body converter
  • 5e0e9a8: [Validator] used Mime component to determine mime type for file validator
  • bdb01db: [Security] fixed AbstractToken::hasUserChanged()

5.1 changelog:

  • 3693875: [FrameworkBundle] fixed MicroKernelTrait for php 8
  • 4739835: [HttpClient] fixed management of shorter-than-requested timeouts with AmpHttpClient
  • 7f6934c: [Doctrine] fixed extra SQL support in Doctrine migrations
  • 2ff26b7: [Messenger] changed the default notify timeout value for PostgreSQL
  • af444f8: [Validator] use "allowedVariables" to configure the ExpressionLanguageSyntax constraint

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