Announcing the second edition of the Symfony Business Awards

In 2013, we celebrated the first edition of the Symfony Business Awards, which recognize the best business websites, applications and projects developed with Symfony. Due to the success and appreciation of these awards, we've decided to organize the second edition of the Symfony Business Awards.

Nonetheless, the voting and the winner selection process will be completely different this time. First, any project published on the Symfony Showcase will be eligible for the awards. Second, the winners will be selected according to the project ratings on the Symfony Showcase. Then, during the SymfonyCon Paris 2015 conference, we'll hold a prize-giving ceremony to announce the winners.

The Symfony Showcase is the best place to promote your Symfony projects for free. Now it's also the best way to get public recognition for your work. Submit your projects as soon as possible and start voting on the other projects.

Finally, if you are wondering about the Symfony Community Awards, which reward the work of the people from the Symfony Community, stay tuned because we'll open the voting process for those awards very soon.

Help the Symfony project!

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Maybe I don't get what you are trying to recognize here with this year's system, beyond a marketing gimmick.

Vogue France (or Vogue Paris? what's the name?), maybe a nice site you created for them, but given all the technologies and content involved, how can we understand Symfony's place in the project? Or Vogue's contribution to Symfony?

It seemed to me before, it was also about the project's contribution back to the ecosystem. For example, I can clearly see Servergrove's impact on and participation in the whole Symfony community -- not just the glitz. This is just one example.

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