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Five days of Jobeet

We started publishing the Jobeet tutorial five days ago, and the first feedbacks have been very encouraging. A lot of people wrote posts on their blog to announce Jobeet and symfony 1.2, and the Stefan Koopmanschap post on the IBuildings blog is probably the best post I have read. The Jobeet first day has been read by more than 10.000 people in just five days, that's incredible!

The symfony community also started the translation of the Jobeet tutorial in Chinese, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Eventually, some people were a bit disappointed that we chose the Propel ORM for Jobeet. Be reassured. We are working hard to also provide a Doctrine version of the tutorial as soon as possible, and we might even be able to publish it before Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming tutorials. And remember to come back tomorrow as we will also publish tutorials during week-ends.

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I have a dream, a dream in wich developers don't write spaghetti code anymore.

Symfony is great but they way you spread the word is the key.

You guys are awesome. I will never stop thanking you for such a wonderful tool.

P.S: I have already read today's lesson, :-)
I come from china,even through my english is pool,it is hard to read the jobeet tutorials:),i want to say,the jobeet is very good,support symfony!
i hope symfony developers more and more popular in China
Great news hearing doctrine will have its Jobeet version too. As always excellent work guys!
This is great, thanks a lot guys!
Indeed, a doctrine version of Jobeet would be great !
Hi, how you can do these big projects rapidly?! awesome,awesome,awesome!
To get Jobeet working with Doctrine I suppose we 'just' have to replace all Propel's calls ?

Maybe it would be nice if we had some basic guidelines to use Doctrine instead of Propel, for those who cannot wait for the Doctrine version (if it's not published soon).

Thanks for Jobeet anyway :p
Ujoux: There will be a seperate Jobeet with Doctrine instructions.
@All: Jobeet for Doctrine is now available:

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