PHP Quebec Conference

Last week, I attended the PHP Quebec conference. It was my first conference as a speaker and PHP Quebec 2007 turned out to be a really good conference.

I spoke on the first day about symfony in french. I also spoke on the second day about symfony, but in english this time. I reworked my slides between those 2 talks, so english slides are slightly better (with less typos/errors).

The slides are available here:

As all the talks were recorded, I will also try to synchronize slides and voice later this month.

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Thanx for that, looking forward to the voice as well :)
Cool, looks nice too. (although I recommend using a better forum)
Excellent job. I was working on a presentation for thursday.
God, this is better. The colors too. You can't give the slides as ppt or keynote, or?

Is there a TextMate Theme with this colors?
bad link
404 - Not Found
oops, fixed now.
Hi Fabien,

what about the synchronized slides?

Thank you,
@Markus: I don't have the mp3 from the conference yet, so we will have to wait... sorry

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