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SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 was a blast!

SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 - Wall banner

Last week, the Symfony Community met in Lisbon, Portugal, for the international Symfony conference from December 6th to 8th in the great Marriott hotel. We were super pleased to welcome more than 900 people, more than 25 speakers and our amazing sponsors. A full week of Symfony took place last week in the wonderful city of Lisbon, where we could already feel the magic atmosphere of Christmas. Meeting the Symfony Community was like a big family reunion at Christmas time. We were so pleased to meet you all and hope you had a great time there with us!

Let’s wrap up the past Symfony week starting with the pre-conference workshops

We had the great pleasure to welcome 150+ people to the pre-conference workshops. A big shout out to our fantastic trainers for sharing their knowledge during the pre-conference workshop days: Kévin Dunglas, Samuel Roze, Nicolas Grekas, Ryan Weaver, Titouan Galopin, Michael Cullum, Mateusz Zalewski, Łukasz Chruściel and their awesome assistants! We had several awesome workshops offered on December 4th and 5th among them: Writing Modern JavaScript with Symfony & Webpack Encore, Symfony 4 Best practices, Symfony Messenger, Building API-driven apps with API Platform, Mastering OOP & Design Patterns and Create an eCommerce website with Sylius. It was a good way for all the workshop trainees to enhance their knowledge and experience before the conference. Attending a pre-conference workshop is a great way to learn new skills, best practices and more. This year almost all our workshops were sold out, we hope that you learned a lot during those days!

December 6th and 7th: the conference days!

SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 - Audience

During 2 days, more than 25 speakers were on stage to present their talks and share their experience with all the attendees. 3 tracks (Advanced, Beginner and PHP) in 3 different conference rooms, all the attendees had the choice between 3 talks per hour (including the talks from the Unconference track), and sometimes the choice was not easy! The conference started with Fabien Potencier's Keynote about “Symfony Local Web Server reloaded”, the number 2 Keynote part of a series entitled “Back to the Basics”. After introducing the “Symfony Mailer” at the “Back to the Basics 1/n” Keynote at SymfonyLive London 2018, Fabien reloaded a Basic. The first day of the conference ends with fun by an unexpected magic trick by Rodric Haddad and the most excellent JeoPHPardy by Jeremy Mikola, thank you to all the players and congratulations to the winners; before heading to the Social Event downtown Lisbon.

SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 - Jeopardy Contestants

On the second day of the conference, the conference started with Anthony Ferrara’s Keynote about “Microservices gone wrong”. The Unconference took place on that day and we’d like to thank all the Unconference speakers for speaking there, it was their first speaking experience for some of them and we’d like to thank them for tooking the plunge. The closing Keynote was about “A year of Symfony”, Sarah Khalil and Nicolas Grekas took us on a Symfony trip over what happened in the Symfony ecosystem over the last 12 months. It was time to realize how many great achievements has been made during the last year, it’s always a good reminder!

SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 - Speaker

If you are looking for the slides or other information about the talks of the conference, you can find all the detailed information about the SymfonyCon talks on GitHub. If you attended the conference, you can still rate the speakers and leave a feedback about their talks on JoindIn, the links to all JoindIn talks are available on GitHub.

All the talks of the conference (except the talks from the Unconference track and the lightning talks) were recorded. You’ll be able to watch them all online. They will soon be available to everyone on SymfonyCasts (before the end of the year), for the conference attendees they’ll be available there for free! They’ll also be on Symfony YouTube channel later in the year as well (free for everyone)!

December 8th: the Hackday to end smoothly the conference!

This year’s Hackday was very impressive, a lot of people attended the hackday and 78 issues/PRs were opened during it including 26 on the diversity repository. The hackday was also a way to learn how to contribute to Symfony and a lot of the attendees enjoyed a workshop on how to contribute to Symfony by Ryan Weaver. Thank you to all the attendees who took the time to attend the hackday!

To finish, we’d like to give a big thank you to our sponsors:

Diamond Sponsor: SensioLabs

Gold Sponsors: Blackfire, eZ Systems, SymfonyCloud, Xing

Silver Sponsor: JetBrains

Bronze Sponsors: ManoMano and Trisoft

Community Sponsors: StickerMule, SymfonyCasts and ProdPad

Lanyard Sponsor: Blackfire

Thank you again to all the attendees, the speakers (you are amazing!) and the sponsors. See you all next year in Amsterdam, November 21-23. The website is already online (first time ever), you can register today and secure your place for next year!

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Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to organizers, speakers, sponsors and attendees! It was great to meet lots of community members in person for the first time. Looking forward to SymfonyCon 2019!
Where can we find the video of conference talks?
@Cosmin videos will be published very soon for SymfonyCasts subscribers ( and later, they will be published for free for everyone.
SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 videos are now available for SymfonyCasts subscribers and SymfonyCon attendees at

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