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Fabien Potencier
Symfony2: Beta2 released
by Fabien Potencier – May 23, 2011 – 12 comments

It tooks more time than expected, but the second beta version of Symfony2 is now available.

60 developers have made more than 600 commits since beta1, and I'm just talking about Symfony "core". And what about the docs? It's also really impressive: 35 people helped enhancing the documentation with about 250 commits.

That is huge! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release in one way or another.

I won't list all the changes in this post, but I will highlight the work that has been done on the documentation recently.

The biggest change in the docs has been the rewrite of the Security chapter (the ACLs documentation has been moved to the cookbook).

The cookbook has also been updated with quite a few new recipes:

As always, don't forget to read the UPDATE file to know how to upgrade to beta2.

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  • gravatar
    #1 umpirsky said on the 2011/05/23 at 13:17
    That is great, congrats!

    A lot of job is required to get upgraded :)
  • gravatar
    #2 Warren said on the 2011/05/23 at 13:35
    How about some proper docs on getting MongoDB working out of the box this time?
  • gravatar
    #3 chesteroni said on the 2011/05/23 at 13:44
    Great news! Very good improvements.
    Do you have any (more or less strict) schedule of future releases up to 2.0 ?
  • gravatar
    #4 Gabriel said on the 2011/05/23 at 15:32
    Please! Make a walkthrough showing how to do a complete application like a blog or a shopping cart, using doctrine e authentication system.
  • gravatar
    #5 Inz said on the 2011/05/23 at 20:27
    I totally agree with Gabriel. Symfony2 is totally different from the previous verision and as so we need a fully featured tutorial of how to implement compleate application.
    Congratulations for your work! Well done.
  • gravatar
    #6 Josh said on the 2011/05/24 at 00:56
    Guys, KNP Labs will be making a tutorial, not sure if OSS or paid.
  • gravatar
    #7 Xaav said on the 2011/05/24 at 02:27
    You need to close the beta2 milestone
    ( )
  • gravatar
    #8 Martin Weise said on the 2011/05/24 at 07:12
    The .tar.gz and the .zip file of BETA2 are out of sync in the doctrine vendor bundles, so it the released package cannot be used. Someone should fix it, so one can use the released files for development.
  • gravatar
    #9 Vitaly Pushkar said on the 2011/05/24 at 15:25
    Thanks to all 60 developers!
    What about release date? Any foresights?
  • gravatar
    #10 Jonathan Nieto said on the 2011/05/25 at 00:14
    Thanks for the hard work guys!!!!! =)
  • gravatar
    #11 kendoctor said on the 2011/05/25 at 16:55
    FIrst congrats! Thanks for all 60 talents' effect.
    But I still I need to say...hold the fans of s1, hold the easiness of sf1.
    Work can be easily done, work also can be a complicated finish.
    Go outside of your world, to take a big insight. Success( at internet) = How many IPs.
    one IP = a Client or User or Audient or Follower or Biggner or Fans or Loyalty. However, So many IPs convert to only the last one.
    Free + Easy + Effect = to get FEE.
  • gravatar
    #12 Robin Jakobsson said on the 2011/05/26 at 14:06
    Very impressive project. I got send here by a friend, and I'm very happy for it. Keep rocking!