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A week of symfony #124 (11->17 May 2009)

Symfony core development was focused this week on tests, adding new convenience methods, options and tasks. Moreover, sfFormSymfony and BaseForm classes were introduced, easing symfony forms extension. Lastly, the new symfony components website was unveiled.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r18129: [1.3] added sfTesterResponse::matches()
  • r18135: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] added some missing phpdoc information
  • r18136: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed return value from test:* tasks
  • r18138: [1.3] added symfony:test task in remplacement for the prove.php script
  • r18139: [1.3] added a --only-failed option to test:all and symfony:test tasks
  • r18140: [lime] added lime_harness::get_failed_files()
  • r18164: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed error message when an UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE occurs on an uploaded file
  • r18277, r18278, r18279, r18283: [1.3] fixed widget testcases to work on windows as well. Added a fix_linebreaks() function to unit-test bootstrap that can be used for converting heredoc strings (having os dependend linebreaks) into linebreakes generated by symfony
  • r18300: [1.3] fixed functional bootstrapping of symfony testcases
  • r18301: [1.3] fixed implementation of formatter max line size
  • r18302: [1.3] updated WHATS_NEW
  • r18331: [1.3] added sfFormSymfony and BaseForm classes
  • r18339: [lime] added missing PHPDoc
  • ...and many other changes

Symfony components

  • yaml:
    • r18218: added documentation for the YAML library
    • r18219: added a README file
    • r18297, r18298: updated the PHPDoc
    • r18320: standardized capitalization of sfYaml class in documentation

Development digest: 273 changesets, 37 bugs reported, 21 bugs fixed, 10 enhancements suggested, 4 enhancements closed, 3 documentation defects reported, 5 documentation defects fixed, and 24 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • bytepark GmbH: was founded in 2001 and is an owner-operated agency for digital communications, providing companies with support for their online activities. The core services include the conception, development, and management of custom-tailored online communications solutions and web applications. We are located in Berlin/Germany, speak English and German and have been working with symfony since 2006 in several dozen projects.
  • Felix-Gabriel Gangu: is a PHP professional with more than 10 years of experience in developing enterprise ready applications and architectures based on PHP. He loves to use Symfony since 2006 and is always open to new projects. He also offers OOP PHP and Symfony related trainings. Located in Germany, speaking German, Romanian and English.
  • Jeff Parker (jeff [at] smackblast [dot] com): is a Midwestern US-based freelance symfony and PHP developer with a focus on non-profits, educational institutions, and web hosting companies. I have done all types of corporate development and am intimately familiar with implementing analytics solutions from Omniture SiteCatalyst to Google Anaytics, PPC solutions and campaign management systems. Additionally, I've implemented several shopping cart/order form systems using the Pirin API (Rodopi) and the Ubersmith API with the Google Web Toolkit.

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfDataGridPlugin: fixed imposible to find column exception
    • DbFinderPlugin: added more details on the availability of getLatestQuery(), added magic handling of filterByXXX() methods, refactored sfModelFinder::__call()
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: fixed case sensitivity issue
    • sfFilebasePlugin:
      • updated README
      • minor improvements
      • added sample project
      • updated docs
      • added makedoc
      • added sfFilebasePluginValidatorFile
      • improvements concerning symfony integration
      • fixed bug in helper
      • added flag in sfFilebaseDirectory::delete() to recursive delete
      • improved mime recognition
      • added docs on imagefunctions and preserveTransparency for GD thumbnails
      • FilebaseValidator can now be used within admin generator
      • fixed demo
      • added plugin resources
      • regenerated docs
      • fixed indentation in schema.yml
      • migrate to doctrine
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: attempts to address it by ignoring the existing contents if the slot has the wrong type or there are multiple slots, robust typechecking of slots, fixed problem that prevented the editing of other page settings when local editors have been set for a page, fade-in rather than 'show' for slot editors, improved history summaries using strong and strike tags for clarity and more precisely expressing what changed in the all-important first line, enabled drag and drop reordering of tabs, fixed problems with reordering subpages, managers now have implicit editor privileges, implemented and documented app_pkContextCMS_title_prefix with optional internationalization
    • sfSympalPlugin: miscellaneous fixes, fixing Route model so routing cache is cleared when a route is deleted, added more general test coverage, query optimizations, refactored route building for content records, added missing join for content template, updated content admin generator filters, fixed content admin generator help, added view button to list results, optimized content admin generator and ehnanced visually
    • sfMicroBlogPlugin: added twitter_oauth (allows accessing twitter without having to ask your user for his password)
    • sfWebRPCPlugin: fixed XDOMRPC var name, allowed to pass parameter other than string/integer in json/jsonp
    • sfSymfonyPluginsAPIPlugin: active the liste of the plugins
    • sfWebBrowserPlugin: fixed sfCurlAdapter destructor, fixed sf1.2 compatibility issue for custom exception, fixed a few limit case bugs and made the tests pass, fixed installation instructions
    • sfEasyGMapPlugin: correction of a small mistake in GMapMarker.class.php
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: updated package.xml file
    • sfGridPlugin: fixed bug in imap-datasource merging results in search with OR
    • sfSympalBlogPlugin: fixed blog list template
    • pkMediaPlugin: support for other video hosts via embed codes, media browser never displays images scaled bigger than actual size
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: added new job handler for processing shell commands, added more phpdoc, added generic log method for job handlers, started to refactor job logging, renamed notifier field of logger to subject
    • sfAmfPlugin: added extended error handling
    • sfUploadManagerPlugin: initial commit, disable security by default, added postDelete hook to also delete file, fixed getTempPath method, added findObsolete method, added tasks to manage uploaded files and security black/white list, added some documentation
    • pkToolkitPlugin: added some minor logging which should have no impact on site operation in order to try to track down an issue with pasting tables into FCK, pkString::diff() now does a smarter job with the all-important first removed and added lines
    • sfSSOPlexcelPlugin: added a new module sfGuardSSO and updated the validator, updated README
    • dsExtDirectPlugin: initial import
    • memiFolderPlugin: initial import
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: fixed the init_asset_library() helper, added Italian translation, fixed image path on Windows systems
    • sfDynamicsPlugin: refactored assets definition collections, implemented image_path_prefix option for stylesheets, updated url finder regexp to find url that starts by anything but a slash
    • sfEzcWorkflowPlugin: fixed processing of constructor params
    • swToolboxPlugin: added cross link application routing features
    • sfExtjs3Plugin: created new Extjs3 classes than can render themselves as Extjs objects, added new functional sfExtjs3 classes that can render themselves recursively as Javascript, added unit-tests for new Extjs3 Classes, added configure method to initialise after construction
    • sfTidyPlugin: bugfix in tidy_xml function
    • sfEasyDebugPlugin: improved support for test environement and less bugs
    • csDoctrineSlideshowPlugin: added many-to-many relationship, sortable behavior, and renderers

New symfony powered websites

  • tuProgramador: (Spanish) diseño web en Valencia
  • Lappiz: (English, Portuguese) collaborative web tool that allows students
  • (Deutsch) team of experienced psychologists offering telephonic and online advice
  • (English) corporate web presence for a major US-based web-hosting/dedicated server solutions provider
  • (French) video training for Miscrosoft softwares
  • (French) video training for Microsoft softwares optimised for company usage
  • (French) happening agency located in south of France
  • PMSIpilot: (French) software editor for hospitals
  • Veevid: (English) the first open source video management platform in the world, powered by Symfony

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