A week of symfony #125 (18->24 May 2009)

Symfony plugins contributed this week to most of the 212 total changesets committed to symfony repository. In total, 37 plugins were updated and 5 new plugins were introduced.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r18492: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed exception page should execute html/javascript code when using html format
  • r18498: [1.2, 1.3] fixed invalid assumption that empty dates evaluate to false
  • r18606: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed format_currency returns Exponents
  • sfDoctrinePlugin:
    • r18418: [1.2] updated symfony 1.2 to use latest Doctrine tag of 1.0.9
  • ...and many other changes

Symfony components

  • yaml:
    • r18483: added an introduction chapter

Development digest: 212 changesets, 23 bugs reported, 8 bugs fixed, 3 enhancements suggested, 5 documentation defects reported, 6 documentation defects fixed, and 21 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • blinkworks: provides web application design and development to clients throughout the UK, harnessing the latest in web technology and design.
  • Dev It Now: is an international (USA, Ukraine) team of web designers and web developers. We develop a high quality websites from start to end for a reasonable price and maintain our websites. We are interested in direct connections and pay middleman commission.

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
    • yacfPlugin: this is Yet Another Combine Filter modeled after sfCombineFilter which combines and compresses javascript (TODO: css) files into one file (all.js) storing filenames in a cache file.
    • sfRESTClientPlugin: provides an API for client interactions with RESTful web services that is higher level than the sfWebBrowser plugin (upon which it depends).
    • sfCoolTipPlugin: adds prototype based tooltips.
    • sfZ3950Plugin: an interface for a server using the Z39.50 protocol.
    • idHttpAuthPlugin: (no description)
  • Updated plugins
    • sfExtjs3Plugin: small mods to sfExtjs3Object, added renderFunctionCallThis() method to render function for this class
    • sfJqueryFormValidationPlugin: fixed issue causing script errors in Internet Explorer, updated package and license info
    • sfFilebasePlugin: recursive directory copying & moving, added admin interface, huge cleanup, regenerated docs, fixed bug in file upload form, updated README
    • sfGridPlugin: added Propel-hack to support joins with conditions
    • sfGuardExtraPlugin: only register routes for enabled modules, fixed phpdocs
    • sfMinifyPlugin: fixed phpdocs
    • sfDoctrineGuardExtraPlugin: merged 18401 to doctrine version, fixed register embed forms and changed to BaseFormDoctrine, use doctrine getTable for queries, fixed double error messages, change to function var and added flash parameter
    • sfSympalPlugin:
      • fixed sympal_content to not include content records from other sites
      • increased time flashes display to 10 seconds
      • fixed issue with menu manager checkUserAccess() hiding menu items
      • fixed the adding of duplicate context menu items on ajax refresh
      • removed ability to add new content types from browser
      • enhanced User::toString()
      • added jquery js and css to local copy instead of linking to google code
      • fixed checkContentSecurity() to throw sfStopException
      • fixed pgsql issues with schema and duplicate index names
      • fixed layout changing so old layouts css are removed if layout/theme is changed
      • refactored layout setting and caching found layouts
      • fixed markdown rendering to not wrap php code in php tags if tags already present
      • fixed backend rich text editor
      • fixed bugs for pgsql (all tests pass now under mysql, sqlite and pgsql)
      • removed old code for caching that does not work in prep for new cache controlling
      • initial entry of sandbox
      • more optimizations and small changes
      • fixed content admin generator list
    • pkMediaPlugin: tweaked editImageSuccess template, fixed reference to $mediaItem that should have been $item, media edit form business
    • sfDoctrineActAsRattablePlugin: updated README, started RattableTemplate, env. update, unitest starting, fixed unitests, added some module to test helpers, added two helpers
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: added first version of repairtree task, fixed errors when "deleting" a slot that hasn't actually been saved yet, support hooks for returning search results with scores, fixed drag and drop reordering, added page tree
    • dsExtDirectPlugin: fixed warning created by the generator when the front controller file does not exist, improved error handling, removed name parameter in generator, fixed params in error handler, added support for custom action and method names to be set via doc comments
    • csSEOToolkitPlugin: fixed issues on the custom 404's page, added ie6update support
    • isicsSitemapXMLPlugin: fixed README, updated package.xml
    • isicsBreadcrumbsPlugin: fixed README, updated package.xml
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: fixed link in comment admin with symfony 1.1
    • sfPixlrPlugin: added pixlr express support, added default config file
    • sfExtraWidgetsPlugin: fixed sfExtraWidgetFormInputMoney.class.php when value is null, added time field possiblity, added sfExtraWidgetFormInputDatepickerTime widget, added sfExtraValidatorDatepickerTime validator, fixed culture in sfExtraWidgetFormInputMoney
    • sfJqueryWidgetsPlugin: added new extra_data sortable option, fixed bug with extra comma in JSON when optional was empty
    • swToolboxPlugin: updated cross link application features, added missing autoload stuff
    • pkToolkitPlugin: added arrayPager class from symfony snippet, support for returning search results with scores
    • sfDynamicsPlugin: fixed minor bug in renderer and assetCollectionDefinition classes, removed stylesheet from jquery.all package
    • sfSSOPlexcelPlugin: switch off parameter fix
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: improved compatibility with sfDynamics plugin, added some documentation
    • sfLucenePlugin: created the branch for solar version, first beta release of Solr version
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: changed the ComponentMgr method to GET as POST was causing an empty POST issue with IIS, moved Ext.ux.IconMgr to a zip file to ease SVN size/usage
    • nahoWikiPlugin: fixed Object of class Text_Diff could not be converted to string, fixed translations, added helper "translate_namespaces" to reformat page names with expanded namespaces
    • sfUploadManagerPlugin: added configuration in schema to choose connection
    • csDoctrineSlideshowPlugin: added renderer for GoogleSlideshow2, adds parsing of "Options" form, fixed issue when switching slideshow renderers, addressed bug when string literals "true" and "false" are used for options, ensured renderers use ordered slides
    • sfDoctrineApplyPlugin: added I18N to reset mail subject and sender
    • ckWebServicePlugin: updated ckSoapHandler to use built-in soap error handling only if sf_debug is enabled, updated functional test bootstrap script to allow to change the environment, started updating README, fixed bug in WSMethod annotation, fixed erroneous use of empty(), update to recent api change of ckWsdlGenerator, added section about SOAP Faults and exceptions to README, added functional tests for new code snippets in README, extended ckTestSoapClient to automaticly use a getter method if a property is not public, fixed bug in recent enhancement of ckTestSoapClient, fixed bug in offsetSet, added implementation of a new object wrapper layer which allows to transparently transform orm objects to simple objects mappable by the soap implementation
    • sfJobQueuePlugin: moved some logic from tasks to handler classes
    • bhLDAPAuthPlugin: initial 1.2 branch, parent::signIn params for 1.2 compatibility, fixed typo in remember checkbox name, Doctrine specific fixes, code cleanup
    • csDoctrineActAsGeolocatablePlugin: fixes kilometer bug (miles and kilometers were flip flopped), addressed bug when renaming model names
    • diaToPropelPlugin: added support for split schema (both xml and yml), updated documentation
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: fixed transparency issue with GD images
    • sfWebRPCPlugin: fixed xdomrpc double json encode, paramater in json/jsonp/xdomrpc are now jsonencoded in the url, added a 'must_post' option in generator.yml to force call to be a post

New symfony powered websites

  • Blendow Group AB: (Swedish) swedish company working in the field of legal information and education
  • BG Publishing: (Swedish) an online bookstore focusing on legal titles
  • BG Institute: (Swedish) swedens biggest and leading education/seminar organizer with focus on law
  • The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: (Polish) polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Website
  • NetCV: (English, French) online Curriculum Vitae builder
  • NaSpolke.pl: (Polish) social site with main idea "do things together"
  • qdPM: (English) is a free project management tool for small team. Using qdPM you will save time managing your job.
  • JefeDeCompras: (Spanish) search engine about ads for freelances and companies in Spain

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