A week of symfony #130 (22->28 June 2009)

Symfony core development put the spotlight on tests and lime tool during this week. Furthermore, symfony components were heavily updated, specially dependency injection. Lastly, 11 new plugins were introduced.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r19467: [1.3] fixed a warning in a test
  • r19468: [1.2, 1.3] fixed routing for PHP 5.3.0RC4
  • r19470: [1.3] fixed sfAutoloadAgain due to PHP 5.3.0 changes in the spl_autoload_functions() function
  • r19488: [lime] changed manual CLI arguments escaping by calls to escapeshellarg()
  • r19496: [lime] moved test files
  • r19498: [lime] made tests rely less on the directory they are in
  • r19518: [1.3] fixed unit tests that used exit() instead of return
  • r19521: [lime] added XML output support (JUnit compatible XML format)
  • r19522: [1.3] added --xml and --trace options to test:* tasks
  • r19529: [lime] updated LICENSE file
  • r19531: [1.3] removed usage of lime_output_color() in unit tests as it is now taken care of automatically by lime
  • r19543: [1.3] fixed sfMemcacheCache set() method
  • ...and many other changes

Symfony components

  • dependency injection:
    • r19545: added a way to change the base class of the dumped PHP classes
    • r19559: fixed Iterator bug + defined an order between services defined directly and the ones defined via a method
    • r19562: fixed two small typos
    • r19567: fixed parameter XML parsing for deep nested arrays
    • r19576: fixed sfServiceContainerBuilder iterator
    • r19581: changed configurator to allow the class to be defined as a parameter
    • r19582: allowed empty YAML file for service definitions, and simplified the YAML output when no parameter or service are defined
    • r19584: added some more PHPDoc to explain rules of inheritance in the loaders
    • r19586: added an exception when an ini file does not exist
    • r19587: refactored loader file classes
    • r19632: simplified sfServiceSimpleXMLElement class and made its behavior more like PHP
    • r19633: ensured that parameter keys are always lowercased + simplified XML parsing
    • r19634: fixed anonymous services support in XMLs
  • yaml:
    • r19550: removed lime_output_color() usage as it is not needed anymore
    • r19552: removed hardcoded list of tests to run
    • r19577, r19579: made prove.php output prettier and more robust
  • event dispatcher:
    • r19551: removed lime_output_color() usage as it is not needed anymore
    • r19553: removed hardcoded list of tests to run
    • r19578, r19580: made prove.php output prettier and more robust

Development digest: 201 changesets, 27 bugs reported, 11 bugs fixed, 10 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 5 documentation defects reported, 7 documentation defects fixed, and 22 documentation edits.


New Job Postings

  • Symfony / PHP-Developer at GOYAX - full-time based in Hannover, Germany - Contact: jobs [at] goyax [dot] de
  • Contract Symfony Developer (very urgent) at Escape Studios Ltd - full-time based in London, UK - Contact: jobs [at] escapestudios [dot] com

New developers for hire

  • TRI SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: is a company based in Romania. We are developing customized web solutions with Symfony & ExtJs, with a special focus on backend solutions. We work with international clients.


  • New plugins
    • sfZendMailPlugin: plugin based on swToolboxPlugin mail feature by Thomas Rabaix. The primary changes from his implementation are seperating the mail feature and switching to use autoload for the Zend libraries.
    • sfYamlSchemaPatcherPlugin: this task fixes some problems at reverse engineering (adds i18n entries at schema.yml if you have *_i18n tables, removes duplicate table entries if you use plugins with own tables like sfGuardPlugin)
    • sfLimeExtraPlugin: provides support to generate mock objects for Lime. It also offers other utilities that are convenient for testing.
    • sfTubePlugin: allows video upload using YouTube API.
    • jeDbCheckPlugin: framework to help you do sanity checks on your database.
    • sfPaymentPlugin: intends to bring a standard, flexible and maintainable solution for managing online payments using the symfony framework throughout a set of plugins.
    • csNavigationPlugin: a simple way to handle navigation in your applications.
    • sfCorreiosPlugin: calculates the brazilian freight value of an object and get the address from the zip code.
    • iogLinksAdminPlugin: manages a list of links listed into nested categories. It comes with an admin links manager and a frontend module.
    • wspNopastePlugin: provides a complete application of a so called "nopaste".
    • sfTwitterAuthPlugin: allows users to log in to your site with their twitter accounts without disclosing passwords to you, via Twitter's OpenAuth interface.
  • Updated plugins
    • ncPropelChangeLogBehaviorPlugin: now if there's no default context the I18N helper is not loaded
    • sfShibbolethPlugin: documented the Shibboleth.sso mod_rewrite issue
    • swDoctrineAssetsLibraryPlugin: create subdirectory translation fixed, fixed createFolderSuccess.php link_to_function error
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: fixed callback in js_config option, fixed callback in swfupload transformer, added multiselect transformer for select many form widget, fixed multiselect transformer, added "input text many" widget transformer ajax search transformer, made jquery 'double_list' transformer compatible with jQuery UI, fixed warning in sfUoWidgetFormDate when no transformer sets, fixed double list CSS, make jquery 'asm' transformer compatible with jQuery UI
    • sfEasyGMapPlugin: enabled modification of the map type
    • mgI18nPlugin: fixed bugs
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: don't include the 'global' page in search results, search results have a good title now, added blog post slot padding, cleaned the helper a little bit, ability to suppress slot editing for a particular non-CMS page, documented procedure for adding more admin toolbar buttons
    • sfTwitterApiPlugin: refactored CURL adapter, implemented atom and json response, fixed typo in curl adapter class
    • sfFilebasePlugin: improved usablity in gallery view, working on IE compat
    • sfWidgetFormInputSWFUploadPlugin: added IE 8 compatibility, added support for onsubmit event
    • pkMediaCMSSlotsPlugin: still image and slideshow slots: never render an image smaller than it actually is, support for interval and arrows options, support for title and description options
    • pkMediaPlugin: never exceed actual image size
    • pkPersistentFileUploadPlugin: never render a preview image bigger than actual size, re-render the preview if a new image is supplied on a later pass
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: refactorized to completely avoid dependance by sfCompat10
    • swToolboxPlugin: add a mandatory field format in the resetFormLabels, datagrid refactoring, swDatagrid class made abstract
    • sfCryptoCaptchaPlugin: fixed background image bug
    • sfLucenePlugin: added a sfLuceneCriteria::sanitize option
    • sfSympalPlugin: fixed issue with exception stopping page from rendering so it can't be edited anymore
    • sfMapFishPlugin: updated license
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: improved README documentation
    • csSEOToolkitPlugin: automatically validates the SEO toolbar using the specified auth method
    • csDoctrineSlideshowPlugin: changes partials in form to widgets
    • csDoctrineActAsAttachablePlugin: use sf_upload_dir in getUploadPath and fix space, changed routes to routing event, added module base files, code cleanup

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