A week of symfony #154 (7->13 December 2009)

This week symfony 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 maintainance versions were released, tens of plugins were updated and the neverending discussion about which ORM should be used excited once more the symfony community.

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Development highlights

Development digest: 330 changesets, 59 bugs reported, 22 bugs fixed, 6 enhancements suggested, 3 enhancements closed, 11 documentation defects reported, 5 documentation defects fixed, and 28 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • Dinamiza: Italian Software and Web Agency founded in 2001. We are focused on web applications on demand . Symfony is our framework of predilection in PHP5.

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
    • pplActAsSerializablePlugin: enable a model to have a personalized serial, useful for billing purpose.
    • sfSolrPlugin: based on the sfLucenePlugin, this plugin integrates Solr engine into a symfony application.
    • vjGuardADPlugin: Active Directory authentication, identity management and SSO with NTLM protocol.
    • prestaBreadcrumbPlugin: provides an easy way to construct breadcrumbs.
    • sfFormYamlEnhancementsPlugin: (no description)
    • sfPropelTaggableWidgetPlugin: a widget and a validator with a nice user interface, built on propel, sfPropelActAsTaggableBehaviorPlugin and jquery.
    • ac2009WebDebugPlugin: example Collection of web debug panels to go along with chapter 10 of the 2009 Advent Calendar "More with symfony".
    • sfMediaPlugin: (no description)
    • sfWebDebugAPCCachePanelPlugin: adds a new panel called "cache" in the web debug toolbar, with information about data stored in the APC cache.
    • dmAlternativeHelperPlugin: provides Diem's helper functions (Diem's class-based and symfony's standard function-based helpers) that normally require the pound sign (i.e. £, £link, £o etc.) but for people without this letter on their keyboards to ease template development.
    • sfDecoratorPlugin: eases making decorators to (symfony core) classes. It provides an autoloader to automatically create decorator classes on the fly, or provides you with a generate:decorator task on the cli.
    • ioCombinerPlugin: allows you to effortlessly combine and minify all css and js files into one cached file each, dynamically add to or filter your css and js inside your project and quickly use the plugin as-is or completely customize it.
    • sfGeshiPlugin: provides easy use of the Generic Syntax Highlighter (GeSHi).
    • sfSparklinePlugin: provides easy use of Sparkline - PHP graph library for visualising numeric data.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfSympalPlugin:
      • fixed issue with default css always being loaded
      • fixed issue with sympal_groups module not rendering with admin theme
      • lots of miscellaneous fixes
      • refactored installation and cache
      • added changes made while re-implementing Sympal on Doctrine website
      • fixed menu item editing from content
      • fixed issue with use of sfForm directly in Sympal
      • added a temporary way to move menu items up and down
      • initial entry of Sympal installer script
      • tweak to install script to display success message at the end
      • fixed installer to sqlite will work
      • fix to create the database on install
      • removed sfSympalDoctrineRecord base class and removed versionining for now
      • removed orphaned files and updated tests
      • removed special i18n layer as it is not needed anymore
      • fixed model behaviors for sharing callable methods
      • fixed default sympal layout right sidebar
      • fixed issue with slugBuilder()
      • fixed yaml routing to be site specific
      • disabled php in content by default as most of the time it is a bad idea
      • cleaned up default install data
    • diemPlugin:
      • removed deprecated configuration options
      • moved manual page initialization call to the form
      • fixed bug create page in front doesn't apply the request layout
      • added unit test coverage for front page creation
      • fixed dmSearchIndex can not be created without a dir option
      • added search engine, user, dmPageRouting, dmRecordTest, dmTableTest, dmVersionningTest and dmFilesystem unit tests
      • added page_routing and page_route services to the front service container
      • deleted dmViewCacheManager
      • made dmBaseServiceContainer->setParameter chainable
      • made dmFrontActions use the new page_routing service
      • fixed javascript configuration on no_script_name environments
      • added versioning capabilites
      • added history admin interface to manage record versions, view diffs and revert to old versions
      • added admin history assets
      • added history action in admin generated forms
      • added text_diff and record_text_diff services to core service container
      • made i18n methods callable directly on the record
      • made i18n relations accessible directly on the record
      • added Text_Diff external library to vendor lib
      • added dmTableTag->clearBody method
      • fixed update project ajax box translations
      • made dmWidgetType and dmAction extend dmConfigurable
      • added dmConfig::canSystemCall
      • added default value to dmConfigurable->getOption
      • improved dmThreadLauncher
      • added dmBrowser->describe method
      • made dmFrontLinkTagError simulate fluent interface
      • added the link_tag_factory service with two implementations (dmFrontLinkTagFactory and dmAdminLinkTagFactory)
      • removed dmFrontHelper and dmAdminHelper implementations of the helper service
      • added the dm.service_container.pre_dump event which allow to filter the service container builder just before it's dumped to PHP
      • added dmAlternativeHelperPlugin to the Core
      • fixed some possible issues with PostGreSQL
      • improved admin & front markdown editor (now links can be drag-dropped to a text selection to transform it onto a link)
      • removed dmDb::table internal cache
      • enforced PostGreSQL compatibility in dmDatabaseLoremizer and dmSeoSynchronizer
      • fixed page routing & and sync unit tests for PostGreSQL
      • improved windows compatibility
      • made dmFilesystem use sfFilesystem execute method
    • sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin: ran upgrade script on plugin (only change is to change off to false), applied patch to allow this plugin to work with doctrine without DBFinder thus making it compatible with sf1.2+, made the correct directory structure and moved all the current files into trunk
    • sfDynamicsPlugin: changed "off" to "false" to make it work correctly with sf 1.4
    • sfDoxygenPlugin: fixed configuration, updated README
    • sfDoctrineGuardExtraPlugin: reimplemented retrieveByUsernameOrEmailAddress, made email_address column creation optional, updated README
    • sfTaskExtraPlugin: updated test suite project to symfony 1.3, initial progress on 1.3 upgrade (WIP), removed generate:tests task, simplified generate:test task, updated generate:test task to work with plugin classes, removed askAndValidate since it's now in the core, updated test:plugin to work whether or not connectTests() has been called, removed calls to is_null, fixed removal of xml declaration, fixed plugin:package task to not include any other package.xml files as it causes conflicts on install
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: added ability to loading fixtures from standard symfony folder (data/fixtures), simplified code and some useability features, added magic methods to fixture base class, added init task
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: removed foreign field always required in editorpanel, added is null to combo's and filters
    • pmModuleEnablerPlugin: updated 1.0 branch, improved documentation, naming fixes
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: added support for reordering in navigation module, fixed bug to allow hidden navs, core slots are now Symfony 1.4 ready (forms based), minor tweaks and autogenerated files, rich text slot now passes on unrecognizes options as attributes of the textarea, default implementation of edit view now echoes $form, eliminated the remaining symfony 1.4 validation errors
    • sfDoctrineUserPlugin: started 1.4 branch
    • ysfOpenPlugin: fixed path to libs for tests
    • atolExt3WidgetPlugin: modified CSRF protection for symfony 1.3/1.4 compatibility, added a boolean filter for grids, added ability to display an image for boolean fields
    • sfSimplePagePlugin: added a fallback check when i18n is enabled
    • sfErrorNotifierPlugin: fixed a short php opening tag in one of the classes
    • pkMediaPlugin: fixed Video search and forms and all that good stuff in the media plugin, fixed pkMedia Slideshow selected state overlay from covering the Edit buttons, allow for random image ordering in a slideshow, removed use_helper calls for deprecated helper groups not available in 1.4
    • pkToolkitPlugin: allow the user to null out the time field again, added new pkToolkit:deploy task which is a safer wrapper for project:deploy, rebuilt the markup for pkAdmin Admin generated Filters, default pkHtml::simplify tags list updated with a more complete one formerly found in pkContextCMSRichText sfValidatorHtml now supports allowed-tags, allowed-attributes and allowed-styles options
    • sfPaymentPlugin: moved sfPaymentWebBrowser class to the library directory, added sfSellable interface for the sfPaymentPlugin
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: added compatibility with symfony 1.1, fixed range widget to be able to use it with non UO widget, updated themes, fixed sfUoStringHelper::getJavascriptConfigurationValue method when value is an object, fixed addJavascripts and addStylesheets methods in default loader class, added useful methods in default loader, added jquery.uo package, updated treeview.jquery.uo.css
    • csDoctrineActAsAttachablePlugin: use event system instead of routing.yml, moved code from csAttachableActions to BasecsAttachableActions, replaced Doctrine with Doctrine_Core, use sf_upload_dir instead of hardcoded value
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: removed reference to deprecated helper Form
    • sfAdminDashPlugin: added new configuration options (login_route/logout_route), added initial BG translation, proper breadcrumbs generation, some code clean-up and standardization, made breadcrumbs work, don't generate breadcrumbs when in 404 module/action
    • ncPropelChangeLogBehaviorPlugin: fixed ncChangeLogEntryPeer::getChangeLogOfObject ('from_date' parameter was not beign used)
    • pkBlogPlugin: moved Help Text in generator.yml down under the FORM section so that the Help Text doesn't show up in the FILTERS, made all post and event titles links to the full post, fixed the titles that produced broken links, lowered no-excerpt backup word count to 30
    • mgI18nPlugin: reset all styles to make the popup more consistent
    • sfDbDesignerAlternativePlugin: fixed typo
    • crJossoPlugin: added debug flag
    • sfDoctrineApplyPlugin: the continue links now use sfDoctrineGuard's getReferer method before resorting to the homepage
    • pkMediaCMSSlotsPlugin: button slot now uses a Symfony 1.2+ form for the URL field
    • swFormExtraPlugin: added missing images folders in the markitup sets

New symfony powered websites

  • produktfrage.net: (Deutsch) a Q&A plattform to help you finding the right answer to all kind of questions round about products
  • Forex Trading: (Deutsch) a small informative business site and has extensive news for German forex merchants
  • NV-Motors: (Russian) car portal

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