A week of symfony #176 (10->16 May 2010)

Symfony project achieved this week a very remarkable milestone: more than 1,000 plugins have been published on the official repository. Congratulations to all the plugin authors and please keep your hard and much appreciated work.

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Development highlights

Symfony 1.X branch:

  • r29415: [1.3, 1.4] fixed sfProjectOptimizeTask on Windows
  • r29416: [1.3, 1.4] added admin generator i18n support for traditional chinese
  • r29417: [1.3, 1.4] fixed strip_links_text() from TextHelpers is defective and does not handle multiple links

...and many other changes

Development digest: 81 changesets, 18 bugs reported, 23 bugs fixed, 16 enhancements closed, 5 documentation defects reported, and 11 documentation edits.

New developers for hire

  • WWWShop: PHP developers with a passion for open source, symfony and jquery. Based in Melbourne, Australia, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • FooLab Consulting: We are a professional consulting Company located in Canada. Web build cutting edges web 2.0 applications and help business secure and scale large Symfony projects.

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
    • sfTinyMCEPlugin: (no description)
    • sfDibsPlugin: allows you to integrate DIBS payment window into your symfony application.
    • sfWebDebugPanelCulturePlugin: plugin for easy switching between available cultures in the web debug toolbar.
    • ExtjsGeneratorPlugin: Symfony 1.3/1.4 admin generator that requires sfPropel15Plugin and sfExtjs3Plugin. The entire administration frontend has been converted to use the ExtJS javascript framework.
    • sfForkedFacebookConnectPlugin: since the current facebookconnect plugin is no longer being maintained I have forked it to keep up with the current version.
    • sfDoctrineGuardUserProfilePlugin: (no description)
    • sfSmarty3Plugin: integrates smarty 3 as a configurable view layer into symfony.
    • ncJavascriptLocalizationPlugin: provides javascript string localization based on symfony's built-in i18n and also a glue between symfony's session culture and javascript's String.locale.
    • sfDoctrineForumPlugin: forum for symfony
    • laiguFeyaSoftCalendarPlugin: provides an easy way to integrate the FeyaSoft Calendar in Symfony.
    • sfGearmanPlugin: provides a symfony wrapper to gearman pecl module.
    • mtAlertPlugin: shows non-obstrusive alerts to the application users. The alerts will be shown when certain 'condition' evaluates to true. to the specified username or roles. Everything is configurable via a simple web interface.
  • Updated plugins
    • zsToolboxPlugin: added ability to use fixtures for user-traceable behaviour
    • sfSimpleCommentPlugin: basic backend for comments management, fixed default filter form
    • sfSolrPlugin: fixed clean task, restored sfl_title and sfl_description fields, aligned description code with title code
    • sfPHPUnit2Plugin: added selenium support and some other improvements
    • sfPropel15Plugin: freezed Propel dependency to the 1.5.1 tag, fixed issue when combining single table inheritance with symfony i18n, added sfFormPropel::embedRelation(), added a configuration option to change collection form class, allowed embedded relation form to add new related objects, fixed additional form ordering for embedded relations, added the ability to delete related objects in a collection form, bootstrapped the embedRelation() documentation, fixed addition of related objects in related collection form on a new object
    • sfOrmBreadcrumbsPlugin: added case and global _default_case options for breadcrumb name manipulation
    • sfImageTransformExtraPlugin: return plausible inode protection mode, added change of remote sources to package changelog
    • sfDataSourcePlugin: added aggregator for filtering
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: recovered sorces after deleting by mistake
    • sfExtjs3Plugin: removed static from __call to fix warning
    • sfGeshiPlugin: added support for 1.3.x and 1.4.x
    • sfTrafficCMSPlugin: updated jqueryui datepicker stuff
    • sfDoctrineRestGeneratorPlugin: added a JSON serializer, fixed a few typos in the documentation, fixed a bug in module generation
    • csSettingsPlugin: added custom cache handler, updated README
    • sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin: added the code for this plugin
    • sfSympalPlugin:
      • installer: fixed the installer for some version of git. The --recursive turned out to not be necessary and caused problems in some cases
      • admin: removed most of the dashboard and replacing it with a much simpler and action-oriented version
      • slot: added a new "stylesheets" option to slot types, which allows you to specify stylesheets that should be output whenever the slot is output
      • admin: fixed bad markup in admin generator
      • admin: removed an excess stylesheets and replacing a missing image
      • form: removed mixture of having recaptcha_forms as either a key with boolean value AND indexed key with value of the name of the form
      • form: fixed bad function call when initializing recaptcha
      • install: various phpDoc and code formatting changes. Added an unfinished README to the install plugin
      • server_check: added some error methods to CLI renderer which are used by the installer task
      • theme: fixed a bug where the theme of the Content, ContentType and Site weren't being respected
      • search: added explanatory exception message if Lucene couldn't open index
    • diemProject:
      • dmCore: made Media form more robust
      • dmCore: made admin generator builder recognize 1-to-1 relations
      • dmCore: fixed DmArea type in schema.yml
      • dmAdmin: added notification of file upload when dropping images to an admin gallery
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • checking for the iconv function isn't enough to ensure that it's safe to use the UTF8 lexer with Zend Search
      • override memory limit
      • new apostrophe:import-files task pulls in JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs and PDFs in the specified folder, which defaults to web/uploads/media_import
      • app_aMedia_jpeg_quality is now available to alter the default JPEG quality setting (75)
      • slugify tags taken from folder names, to be safe (and UTF8-aware)
      • removed caching of pages for more maintainable code and added ability to prepend items to tabbed navigation
      • fixed missing peers on tabbed navigation when no children are present
      • extracted media importer to a separate class for easy reuse in an action
      • fixed filters for events in admin
      • fixed bug in accordion where maxDepth was growing instead of descreasing through the recusive loop
      • improved handling of virtual pages in search results
      • refactored permissions checks from aPage to aPageTable, creating a method that can accept either a page or a page info structure
    • apostropheBlogPlugin:
      • added proper ordering of posts
      • added paginator to blog and event engines
      • added an if statement around a templates check for building the edit view form
      • don't destroy slot values with defaults
      • if a title or user entered slug produces a conflict correct it
      • don't display irrelevant tags on engine pages
      • handle null category in sidebar
      • fixed bug that caused items to think their slugs conflicted with their slugs
      • fixed sidebar missing categories when none where selected, when categories were previously selected
      • fix for missuse of doctrine collection method isEmpty in blog and event sidebar
      • prevent robots from over indexing blog engine pages
      • apostrophe-blog:fix-untitled-posts task takes care of missing titles and missing entity encoding on blog posts
      • added postDelete method back to aBlogItem
      • the default sort for the blog plugin is newest to oldest according to the bundled generator.yml
      • display an error message when accessing blog and event admin pages when no engine exists
      • removed 'pending review' from filters dropdown
      • fixed several showstopper bugs with events and blog items
      • use populatePages on blog and events show success
      • made the navigation a little more consistent between admin modules in the blog plugin
      • fixed the bind method for time widgets on blog and events editor

New symfony powered websites

  • GQ Magazine: (Spanish) official website for the GQ Spain Magazine
  • List&Check: (English) a web to create easily lists with the look and feel of symfony-check
  • Global Champions Tour: (English) The Global Champions Tour (GCT) is an annually celebrated show jumping competition. The website features live results, streaming video and a huge database of horses and riders.

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