A week of symfony #178 (24->30 May 2010)

This week, a new symfony 1.4 book was published. In addition, it was announced a strong presence of symfony at the next phpBB conference.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

Symfony 1.X branch:

  • r29608: [1.3, 1.4] fixed directory permissions issue in sfFinder
  • r29640: [1.3, 1.4] fixed issue with admin generator giving error for widget not found even if it is unset (reverted)
  • r29674: [1.3, 1.4] updated date and time widgets so id_format is respected
  • r29678: [1.3, 1.4] made sfForm::getName() more strict

Symfony 2.X branch:

  • 632ef95: [HttpKernel] added Request::overrideGlobals()
  • abe86d2: [Foundation] added the env and debug information in the project container class name to avoid potential clashes if you manipulate several container in the same PHP script
  • e282820: [WebBundle] Controller::generateUrl() was not passing absolute parameter
  • 0512d13: added missing DoctrineCommand imports to DoctrineMigrationsBundle
  • 5a09375: moved migrations-specific method out of DoctrineBundle\Command\DoctrineCommand and into the migrations bundle
  • 28c0329: [TwigBundle] added javascript/javascripts tags
  • 85d4a0d: added a way to pass default options to splitTemplateName
  • cb23828, 79d4a29, 6f87c93: [PropelBundle] initial commit
  • 448d1a3: [PropelBundle] added autoloading for model classes
  • c9e8934: [PropelBundle] fixed Propel and Phing autoloading
  • a7e2068: [PropelBundle] added logging
  • 75cc89b: [DoctrineBundle] added output to doctrine:generate:entity command and removed undesirable (and misnamed) call to doctrine:generate:entities
  • 8b82e73: [DoctrineBundle] added bundle and entity parameters to limit operating scope of the doctrine:generate:entities command


  • r29643: [1.3, 1.4] fixed issue with i18n forms when primary key and i18n field are not the defaults
  • r29644: [1.3, 1.4] fixed issue with sfDoctrineRecord::__call() not using template methods (reverted)
  • r29660: [1.3, 1.4] removed some generated files from the test suite
  • r29661: [1.3, 1.4] changed generation of (non-foreign key) primary key form fields so validation will fail if the primary key is changed
  • r29675: [1.3, 1.4] added translation of custom add_empty strings in Doctrine and Propel choice widgets
  • r29677: [1.3, 1.4] updated doctrine:clean task to delete form classes when generation has been disabled


  • r29641: [1.3, 1.4] made css style in default admin gen css to be more specific
  • r29661: [1.3, 1.4] changed generation of (non-foreign key) primary key form fields so validation will fail if the primary key is changed
  • r29675: [1.3, 1.4] added translation of custom add_empty strings in Doctrine and Propel choice widgets

...and many other changes

Development digest: 84 changesets, 20 bugs reported, 21 bugs fixed, 2 enhancements suggested, 4 enhancements closed, 10 documentation defects reported, and 12 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • Gerry Vandermaesen: is looking for a new professional challenge in the area of Leuven/Brussels, Belgium. Over 4 years of experience with symfony. Dutch/English/French.


  • New plugins
    • sfFacebookGraphPlugin: eases connecting Facebook with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin. Similar aims to sfFacebookConnectPlugin but using the new Graph API.
    • pmGravatarPlugin: use gravatar images in your application.
    • pmDeploymentToolsPlugin: provides several tasks that would help you to deploy your projects. These tasks are helpful on project upgrades.
  • Updated plugins
    • mtAlertPlugin: added support for themes, Delete permanently, non authenticated users can now use the plugin, sendMail task now can send alerts to everyone, added jQuery 1.4.2, fixed an alert db fetching error that avoid recovering the alerts in database for users who don't have a configuration, the CSS of the default theme is now in a separate file
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: updated README
    • ExtjsGeneratorPlugin: bugfix for extjsgenerated base filter classes extending the wrong parent class, added support for widgetOptions to formPanel, added remote combobox loading, added hide config option to filter and form, added invisible flagged fields, added css necessary for formtLongstring renderer
    • csSettingsPlugin: added sfFileCache as default caching
    • sfDoctrineJCroppablePlugin: fixed not returning a link to a broken (non-existent) image
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: changed all javascript to be unobtrusive
    • sfEmailMeAFireShotPlugin: added form mode, delete capture from form because it's not always loading on server when the form is shown
    • sfDatagridPlugin: added onclick formatter, error on reset sort with renderDirect, optimized link generation, optimized class_exists with sfAutoload::loadClass()
    • sfTrafficCMSPlugin: added display of any images to simple pages, added basic form setup, allowed superuser to configure if a page has sub-pages, subpage menu now checks if page has sub-pages before displaying menu
    • cxFormExtraPlugin: minor modification on loadHelpers access
    • sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: removed the packed version of autocomplete because packing is bad, added an optional param in settings.yml for specifing the path to the UI CSS to use
    • sfPropel15Plugin: added changelog for 1.0.0
    • sfWebBrowserPlugin: made fixHeaders() protected rather than private
    • vjCommentPlugin: fixed issue so reply username is added to the reply comment
    • sfDoctrineRestGeneratorPlugin: fixed bug when generating a REST service for a model with an "enum" field
    • sfGridPlugin: added the "options" parameter to the __construct method, added methods to manage options (like in sfForms and widgets)
    • sfAlyssaJqGridPlugin: fixed php documentation, added options to __contruct method
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added comboConfig merge with editor combos
    • sfImageTransformExtraPlugin: fixed namespace_callable was incorrectly adressed and prevented caching
    • sfSympalPlugin:
      • menu: working on menu backend, because if I use ?order=1 ui it sometime breaks my menu
      • menu: added the habilty to use jquery tree table to sort menus
      • admin: fixed bad function name in the content slots admin
      • ContentList: broken the fixture into two different pieces because it just didn\
      • improved exception messages if app.yml is setup incorrectly for a content template
      • PluginManager: fixed up plugin generate - adding fixtures, app.yml and module for content type, plugin assets install for theme
      • admin: fixed bug with admin menu permissions that could cause the entire menu to hide under certain circumstances
      • admin: by default, set the published_at date to today for easier publishing
      • menu: added ->removeChild() to menu items
      • install: added the web/sf symlink into the installer.php file
      • ContentList: avoided addition of default columns if custom dql was specified
      • admin: redirecting to denied section after login
      • admin: displaying content type name when editing content record
      • admin: adding menu section on content record form
      • admin: using cleaned values for menu creation
    • diemProject:
      • core: fixed name format lost by calling setWidgets
      • core: fixed possible issue related to sql case insensitivity when assigning pageView
      • admin: fixed automatic external links in admin
      • core: fixed notice in service container configuration loader
      • core: removed media dependant stylesheets from compression
    • apostrophePlugin:
      • added icons for the reorganize tree to display which engines pages are using
      • newly generated and existing slot form classes now extend BaseForm rather than sfForm
      • allow for convienent access to page from an engine
      • no more hardcoded routing.yml in apostrophePlugin to break people's backend apps
      • you can link directly to an engine page just by passing an engine-slug parameter as one of your route parameters in link_to and url_for
      • no more 404 errors if you click upload without selecting any images, you get a reasonable validation error message instead
      • moved jquery plugins into a plugins directory
      • slot variant menu now appears and works immediately after your first save of a slot with an edit view (like a rich text slot)
      • tabbed navigation now accepts urls from external sites as extra options
    • apostropheBlogPlugin:
      • moved addStylesheet and addJavascript calls to action and component classes
      • fixed missing variable $blogCategories in blog and event engine indexes
      • added save and cancel buttons to the title interface
      • re-worked the logic on the post partial class names so that the subtemplate defaults to SLOT properly passing the subtemplate name as a classname
      • changed the option 'force_template' to be simply 'template'
      • made sfWidgetFormJQueryDateTime setDefaults work with aDate
      • moved save buttons into events
      • fixed missing the event param in the JS for hitting the return to submit the permalink
      • addUpcoming now converts timestamps to dates before comparing
      • authors of post even when not admins can to assign editors
      • users List in category admin now uses aMultipleSelect
      • RSS feeds now render via the template partials you've probably noticed in the aBlog and aEvent partials
      • don't force setting start and end times
      • assets now grabbed from Apostrophe exclusively, no longer using jQ reloaded
      • return an internationalized updated_at time to blog and event edit admin
      • fixed new category validator, now uses post validator to clean values
      • modified postValidator for blogItemForm to work when added categories are not present
      • fixed improper filtering of categories on show success of blog and events
    • apostropheFormBuilderPlugin: modifications to allow for setting of fieldset options
    • sfDoctrineShortUrlPlugin: added banned domains structure and validator in order to fight spam

New symfony powered websites

  • Fitfacts: (Deutsch) Fitness Portal - Search Spider developed with Symfony
  • MyBestBrands: (Deutsch) German Fashion Discount
  • BWL: (Deutsch) information about business studies
  • ForexTV: (English) a Forex news and video website which also offers other tools for Forex trading and education
  • WeGov: (English) connects you with your elected officials and lets you take political action as a registered voter
  • ineptadept: (English) A web comic of inept drawings & adept minds. Based on the lives of two scholars from Queen's University in Kingston Ontario Canada
  • Dept experimental psychonautics and inner space research: (Russian) Russian psychedelic music band
  • Provide Live Help: (English) Live chat software will help you generate instant sales leads. Provide live help to your visitors

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