A week of symfony #193 (6->12 September 2010)

Annotations shined this week: Symfony2 routing component added an annotation loader, a new experimental FrameworkExtraBundle was released to support annotations for controllers and development mailing-list hosted a discussion about defining services with annotations. Unfortunately, this week we also found out that Symfony2 will probably delay its launch date until the next Symfony Live Conference (3-5 March 2011).

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 2914c44: [DoctrineBundle] replaced "Entities" with "Entity"
  • e71eec3: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] removed some mostly unnecessary calls to json_encode from logger
  • 7c1b42e: [DependencyInjection] added a way to inject an anonymous service in an extension configuration
  • 4f33761: [HttpFoundation] added request matcher
  • 0b378d1: added a way to conditionnaly enable the profiler based on the request
  • 1719bfb: [DomCrawler] fixed URIs being incorrectly generated
  • 26e4b2e: [Finder] fixed randomly failing tests due to the order files are read from the filesystem
  • 179fe8e: fixed Symfony\Component\Routing\Route::setRequirements() _method requirement can be an array
  • 1443d4a: [HttpFoundation] updated getQueryString() to work in more scenarios
  • eb7cbb7: fixed exception HTML markup
  • 2f8db91: fixed webprofiler on Windows
  • df98a22: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added support for more Mongo and ODM types
  • 1304940, b753ea4, c39534e: [Routing] added an annotation loader
  • 4d669d1: [Validator] changed Xliff loader to get XSD locally
  • 5155321, e6b0d54: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added symfony proxies for Doctrine ODM schema:create and schema:drop console commands
  • c53ebe7: [Form] fixed Form::bind() when no values are submitted
  • 40c0fe8: [Form] added a FileField
  • fc9325a: fixed file upload
  • a141c98: [HttpFoundation] moved File Component into the HttpFoundation one
  • 6fc9b68: [Form] Replace unset() with non-destructive logic in case the "choices" option is an object
  • 2b776bf, e52cf7a, b3648b2, 9f5469f: [Form] added several unit tests
  • 9be7cbb: [Form] CollectionField::setData() should remove old fields missing from new data
  • fb24b29: [Form] FieldGroup::addError() can now map errors to fields within nested FieldGroups
  • b9a7b7e, c537fb9: [DoctrineBundle, DoctrineMongoDBBundle] fix mapping dirs
  • d326c39: [Form] fixed default CSRF token generation as a token must be tied to the user somewhat
  • 226277f: added a way to activate CSRF protection from the configuration
  • 74bc9d4: [FrameworkBundle] made csrf_secret parameter optional

New job postings

New plugins

  • vjMoreTimestampable: provides an advanced timestampable behavior to use more than created_at and updated_at fields (ex: validated_at, deleted_at, archivated_at).
  • sfRestWebService: offers an easy interface for REST API based on your domain model.
  • pmSuperfishMenu: provides the functionality to create dynamic menus using Superfish (based on jQuery).
  • sfYAC: Query-caching plugin based on tags system. Requires only simple configuration in schema file.
  • sfI18NGettextPlural: interprets the plural form formula, that's usually located in PO/MO file's meta data section, removing the need to specify the same formula whenever you use format_number_choice.
  • sfDoctrineMultiDBMigration: adds new tasks to manage Database migrations when multiple databases are defined in database.yml.

Updated plugins

  • sfVideo:
    • bugs fixed with autoplay/autobufferng config options
  • lyMediaManager:
    • moved thumbnail creation functions to a dedicated class
    • removed some functions from 'tools' class
  • tdCore:
    • added breadcrumb support
    • added model and modules for subpages and configuration
    • improved SEO for subpages
    • added tdLink model and module
  • sfGuardExtra:
    • fixed README
  • sfTaskLogger:
    • logging comments in doctrine purge
  • sfProjectAnalyser:
    • updated roadmap and README
  • sfDatagrid:
    • fixed RenderActionsBar was using deprecated select_tag()
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • fixed a js syntax bug affecting Chrome and Safari
    • added a container around the typeahead input + add buttons
    • rewrote Taggable::preloadTags to work with any DB vendor
  • sfPHPUnit2:
    • added possibility to define custom test suites for the test-all task
    • added hints for best practices of the phpunit.xml
    • added return values of the PHPUnit command line executions
  • sfDoctrineShortUrl:
    • added rel=shortlink fetching
    • better count of visits
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • added generation of PDF thumbnails
    • fixed slash on relative URLs not working on Windows
  • sfSimplePage:
    • mod make action prototype more strict
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added dcWidgetFormAjaxDependence and dcWidgetFormPropelAjaxDependence
    • updated README and ajax dependence widget
  • sfDoctrineJCroppable:
    • now uses original image if the same size as the final image
    • correctly loads images without blurring on db reload
    • fix for incorrect ratio thanks to Nicholas Tipping
  • apostropheBlog:
    • Removed extra markup that caused date widget to not automatically save the post when changes were made
    • reworked blog admin markup to share a-subnav-wrapper and inner divs with the media admin and subnavigation
    • re-worked the markup for blog admin layout
  • apostrophe:
    • edit view forms are now AJAX loaded when the edit button is clicked for vastly better performance in browsers that are adversely affected by too many FCK instances
    • moved the JS out of reorganizeSuccess and into a.js
    • refactored the JavaScript associated with the up and down arrows
    • added iframe to the list of tags allowed for media embed code purposes
    • added _doNotEdit.php partial to layout.php for easy toggling of the editing message for staging sites after we launch production
    • added app.yml flag app_a_do_not_edit true/false for toggling the doNotEdit partial
    • fixed menu toggle for Add Page so that you can actually add a page
    • automatic open of rich text editor when you add a rich text slot is back
    • fixed invalid markup around the settings submit buttons
    • refactored aMenuToggle in aUI.js (moved it to a.js and made it work with all of the menus)
    • refactored some browseHistory JS to be in a.js
    • created globalJavascripts partial to load some general JS at the bottom of layout.php once instead of every time a partial is used
    • fixed a bug with the apostrophe.menuToggle calls in _area.php
    • enhanced apostrophe.menuToggle to fail gracefully if the toggle button is undefined
    • fixed the cancel button for menu toggles so that they work even in the form was added later with ajax
    • fixed the route on the multipleList edit button to fix a 404
    • unifying subnavs sidebars and select areas
    • fixed a longstanding subtle issue probably present in most PHP applications: if you try to upload something that exceeds your php.ini post_max_size setting, the entire POST array is empty, leading to confusing results

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