A week of symfony #194 (13->19 September 2010)

Symfony2 PR3 was published this week, paving the way for the soon to be released Symfony2 alpha version. Meanwhile, Symfony\Framework namespace was deleted and its code was moved to Symfony\Component\HttpKernel and Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle.

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symfony 1 development highlights


  • r30894: [1.3, 1.4] improved test coverage of sfWebRequest::isSecure()
  • r30896: [1.3, 1.4] updated tests to better reset the path info array
  • r30900: [1.3, 1.4] fixed getUriPrefix() when requested is forwarded from a secure one
  • r30912: [1.3, 1.4] fixed view class overriding
  • r30915: [1.3, 1.4] added support for "image/x-ms-bmp" mime type


  • r30901: [1.3, 1.4] reverted remove of comments in Doctrine-generated table classes

Activity summary: 36 changesets, 10 bugs reported, 11 bugs fixed, and 5 documentation edits

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 61f1866: [Console] added some tests for command shortcuts
  • 7734f44: [Process] added a Process:isSucessful() method
  • 1990fc5: [HttpKernel] added Closure support to ControllerResolver
  • d657adb: removed Symfony\Framework. Things have been moved to Symfony\Component\HttpKernel and Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle. The kernel configuration namespace was removed and merged with the main web configuration namespace


New developers for hire

  • NextSeven UG: Symfony is the framework of our choice! We work in Berlin, Germany and are happy to work with you and your Symfony-Projects.

New plugins

  • sfOptimizeSchema: extends the sfDoctrinePlugin Postgres database and is compatible with sfPostgresDoctrinePlugin.
  • sfGoogleSitemap: build your XML sitemap easily for symfony 1.4 and earlier.
  • sfBehat: helps to write Cucumber-like Behat features to test symfony applications.

Updated plugins

  • sfPHPUnit2:
    • added task for generating the default phpunit.xml.dist configuration file
  • ggEmail:
    • corrected some typos and changed the plugin's status to beta
  • daYamlEditor:
    • fixed the method scope
  • sfZendMail:
    • added option for sending html email to sendemail action
    • added parameter checking and string cleanup for sendemail action
  • sfApplicationMap:
    • added Windows support
  • sfJqueryReloaded:
    • added funcionality in jq_remote_function for the failure callback
  • sfAtosPayment:
    • optimized getOrm with sfConfig::get("sf_orm")
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • added more compatibility with Windows
  • sfPropel15:
    • updated externals to Propel 1.5.4
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • fixed grouping support for ListView
    • added ux.list.ProgressColumn
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • added a wrapper tag to the "Add" Button in the inlineTaggableWidget
    • changed a wrapper CSS class to be more consistently named with it's siblings
  • sfDatagrid:
    • initial preview alpha for the new datagrid generator
    • finished the first part for admin generator
    • release 1.5.5 Admin generator propel 1.4
  • pmJSCookMenu:
    • refactored plugin
  • sfErrorNotifier:
    • try to make the plugin work with Symfony 1.4.6
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed if you are beyond the last page you are redirected to the last page
    • added inline help for the feed slot to advertise its new capabilities
    • new layouts for Media engine
    • fixed a bug with createPage where you couldn't hit the enter key to submit the form
    • moved createPage javascript to a.js
    • refactored JS for toggling the template dropdown off and on for both Create Page and Page Settings, the JS is now shared instead of duplicated
    • refactored multiple selections to a.js and a_js_call() and made that compatible with cropping
    • default destination for the button slot is now url_for('@homepage') rather than /.
    • cleaned up RawHTML Slot, Button Slot, aText slot
    • merged the page settings and add page forms
    • removed obsolete _createPage.php partial and executeCreate method
    • added flexible i18n for the media item privacy statements
    • refactored the persistent file upload widget
    • refactored media's showSuccess to use the same mediaItem partial as indexSuccess
    • added show_constraints as a set of options for each media layout
    • prototyped the Javascript for four-up media view hover to expand functionality
    • audio player works in both media repository and slot
  • lyMediaManager:
    • removed other functions from 'tools' class

New symfony powered websites

  • Le Phénix: (French) Scène nationale de Valenciennes (developed with Diem CMF/CMS 5.1

New symfony bloggers

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A week of symfony #194 (13->19 September 2010) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-194-13-19-september-2010

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