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A week of symfony #195 (20->26 September 2010)

This week, the activity of the symfony developers' mailing list soared with lots of interesting discussions. Among many other topics, developers discussed about Symfony2 default template engine (PHP or Twig) and the default configuration format (PHP, XML or YAML). Remember that this mailing list is the best place to get the latest news from Symfony2 and to influence its future development.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights



  • r30966: [1.3, 1.4] updated Slovenian translations for Doctrine and Propel messages
  • r30967: [1.3, 1.4] fixed i18n support for traditional chinese
  • r30968: [1.3, 1.4] fixed Persian Translation of admin generator
  • r30969: [1.3, 1.4] added more translations to german and italian translations

Activity summary: 64 changesets, 21 bugs reported, 4 bugs fixed, 3 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 8 documentation defects reported, 1 documentation defect fixed, and 4 documentation edits

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 5f9c365: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] fixed formatting of booleans in query log
  • e6bff04: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added a quick profiler panel
  • 71cc3a7: [Form] avoid double-escape and then unescape (using the fourth parameter of htmlspecialchars)
  • 2862c6c: refactored configuration names (have a look at the skeleton for how to upgrade)
  • 82f6a68: [Validator] allow DateTime objects as valid DateTimes
  • 2d80788: [FrameworkBundle] added support for services as controllers
  • f3993b4: added width, height, alt tags for all images used in web profilers (for proper html)
  • d62befd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed Filesystem when used within a phar archive
  • 69b538b: [FrameworkBundle] removed the app:init command

New developers for hire

  • Gaurang Rajvir ([email protected]): Web developer and Project manager with more than 4 years experience. I work on LAMP, AJAX, php frameworks like symfony, codeigniter ... and Javascript frameworks like JQuery, JQueryUI, Prototype and more... I have more then 3 years of experience on symfony framework and provide any kind of solution.

New plugins

  • sfDoctrineFaq: allows you to embed a FAQ module within your symfony application with backend modules to manage categories and questions.
  • sfMultiTenant: allows you to create a multi-tenant-aware application. The plugin lets you add a tenant identifier column & reference the Tenant model, populate the tenant identifier column when saving records and adapt select queries to filter records for a tenant.
  • sfAuditable: allows you to automatically create audit fields in the model (e.g. created_by, updated_by, ...) and populate user details in these fields when a row is created or updated.
  • sfActivateable: allows you to automatically create a is_active flag (or name of your choice), create timestamp & user detail fields (e.g. activated_by, activated_at, ...) and populate timestamps & user details when is_active flag is toggled on a record.
  • sfObjectLink: allows you to identify the object type & object owning the record in the model by automatically create obj_type_id & obj_id fields on the model which need to be programatically populated.
  • sfCk: offers an unobtrousive integration between the CK WYSIWYG editor and symfony.
  • sfGagatemplate: integrates Gagatemplate engine in symfony.
  • sfAdminHijack: simple JQuery widget for doctrine one-to-many relations that "hijacks" a generated admin module for its functionality.
  • smagBootstrap: reads and parses tasks from a yaml file and executes them.
  • sfGoogleChart: allows the use the Google Chart API in your symfony project.

Updated plugins

  • lyMediaManager:
    • improved error checking on asset file/folder deletion
    • made small changes to default list view
    • updated README with instruction on how to customize list view layout
    • improved error checking on asset/folder creating, moving, renaming, deleting operations
  • sfPHPUnit2:
    • updated documentation
  • csDoctrineActAsSortable:
    • fixed moveToLast failed because of "moveToPosition requires an Integer as the new position
    • fixed moveToPosition moving down failed because of integrity constraint violation
  • sfTrafficCMS:
    • added subnav
    • checking for images relation rather than assuming it
    • added slot to indicate the page being show for use with a nav menu on-state
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • added filterinputdate widget
    • added check so gridpanel javascript and css files are not included when listpanel is used
    • added allowClear and defaultValue to ux.TwinDateField
    • fixed quoting of iconCls for edit and list action buttons when iconCls is in the generator configuration
    • changed buildQuery and filter classes to support adding queryMethods and with statements before the form criteria is created
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • preparations for using sfAssetsLibraryPlugin as browser for CK Editor
    • added to documentation how to use sfAssetsLibraryPlugin with CK Editor
  • sfDoctrineTaggable:
    • fixed bug in getTaggings() when a non existing tag is requested
    • added unit tests
    • fixed bug in getRelatedTags()
    • changed findOrCreateByTagname() so that it is not static anymore
  • cleverFilesystem:
    • in the case of a local disk filesystem, the cache method now returns the original filename, as caching is useless
  • sfTaskLogger:
    • modified sample task short description
  • diemProject:
    • added filter to prevent throwing exception on non-textual :input elements
    • enhanced to use `System / Dev / Server` admin action available in production environment
  • apostrophe:
    • re-ordered a media item portion of the migration task
    • categories have been refactored (Apostrophe now has one set of categories, replacing the redundant implementations for the media repository and the blog plugin)
    • fixed overlay bug where the edit button for a selected image in a slideshow could not be clicked
    • fixed markup for Download Original button
    • implemented migration of existing category refclass data
    • fixed migrations for existing categories and assignments of existing media items to categories
    • getAllTagNameForUserWithCount now respects the pre-filtered categories for media engines
    • added the File slot, which is similar to the PDF slot (now deprecated) but allows any downloadable media type, thus providing a nice way to call attention to other file types
  • apostropheBlog:
    • the apostrophe:migrate hooks that add blog plugin tables were accidentally disabled
    • categories have been refactored, moving quite a bit of code upstairs to apostrophePlugin

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A week of symfony #195 (20->26 September 2010)

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