A week of symfony #197 (4->10 October 2010)

This week the symfony community gathered around the Symfony Day 2010 conference. The event hosted many insightful sessions and the Symfony2 CMF meetup. In addition, a new major component of Symfony2 was introduced: the Firewall component, which provides authentication and authoritation for applications.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights

Activity summary: 43 changesets, 14 bugs reported, 10 bugs fixed, 7 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 2 documentation defects reported, and 13 documentation edits

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 2525998: replaced form field rendering with plain templates
  • ff683a6, 3bc3115: integrated new data fixtures code
  • caa9d82: [HttpFoundation] added support for attributes in RequestMatcher

New developers for hire

  • Scenic City Labs: is a web application development company with 10+ years of experience. We are currently based in Chattanooga, TN. We use symfony for the majority of our projects but can custom tailer any application to whatever you desire.
  • Tejaswi Sharma ([email protected]): I am Tejaswi Sharma and I am working in PHP/MySql/Apache for 4 years and symfony for 2 years. Feel free to contact me if you have any issues in symfony.

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfDoctrineActAsSignable:
    • added sfDoctrineGuardPlugin behavior
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • added query method to fetch tags and tagging counts for various a set of taggable models
    • modified TagTable::queryTagsWithCountsByModel to be more compatible with existing doctrine relations
    • fixed Iterators for escaped arrays stop when a false value is encountered
    • added function to merge two tags
  • tdCore:
    • improvements in tdSubpage
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • fixed sorting route generated url
    • added listpanel loader
    • added Listview CheckboxSelection ux and checkbox selection support to ListView
    • updated ListView RowActions css
    • added ListView override to fix a bug with IE (can be removed when ExtJs 3.3.0 is released)
    • added ListView support to batch actions
    • added tasks to create admin modules in an existing plugin
  • sfPHPUnit2:
    • refactored loading of sfApplicationConfiguration instance
    • added helper method for debugging
  • sfFormExtra:
    • fixed the impossibility to remove the value for the sfWidgetFormJQueryAutocompleter
  • srPageChooser:
    • removed srValidatorSlug (deprecated by aValidatorSlug)
    • cleaned up the widget class
    • fixed javascript error on button click
    • allowed for output escaping to be turned on
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • new helper for ckeditor browser
    • updated readme with instructions how to use sfAssetsLibraryPlugin as CKEditor file browser without other Plugin
  • sfCKEditor:
    • updated readme waiting for deploymet of sfAssetsLibraryPlugin with CK Editor addon
  • sfI18nFormExtractor:
    • now translates help messages from forms
  • sfAtosPayment:
    • fixed some syntax bugs
  • apostrophe:
    • initial version of aTagAdmin
    • styled the feedback you get after using the Replace File feature
    • if the update's timestamp is no good, don't attempt to strtotime() it
    • moved the ajax submit function to a.js to get it out of the edit partial
    • created apostrophe.linkToRemote so we can begin replacing all of those inline jq_link_to_remote() functions
    • working on getting editing working correctly in the four-up view in Media
    • added disqus partial includes to layout.php
    • made it easier to override default behavior of aCategoryAdmin
    • page editing permissions have been completely overhauled (a big win for large sites with many editors)
    • slideshow slots now support displaying everything with certain categories and tags as an alternative to browsing for individual images
    • removed Image slot
    • renamed Slideshow slot in BaseaTools as the first step to unifying aImage and aSlideshow
    • updated instructions for choosing a photo or photos with the slideshow slot
    • new aMediaItem::getImageAvailable method is preferred to checking for a width before trying to display a thumbnail
    • fixed some of the default dimensions issues in the button slot
    • adjusted four-up behavior for non-images
    • created active states for the View settings so you know which one is selected
    • the new view permissions are roughed in and working
    • fixed potential bug in category merging
    • added category merging to tag admin
    • moved slide show image ordering into Slot classes
  • apostropheBlog:
    • integrated disqus comments
    • added orderBy to aEventActions:buildQuery
    • added 'Preview' to the Blog and Events admin
    • added a max_per_page setting to aBlog and aEvent in app.yml
    • BlogItem::getMediaForAreas() now respects slide show ordering

New symfony powered websites

  • Blidoo: (English) a generalist classified ads site
  • dramadance.pl: (Polish) website of an entertainment company
  • EticWeb: (French) our site offers to reduce the carbon footprint of individuals while minimizing travel-related purchases, sales and barter of goods and services
  • Reflector Guide: (English, Spanish, Finnish, Russian) site about pedestrian reflectors
  • Työkyvyntuki: (Finnish) work ability service for medium sized companies
  • MediaBurse.ru: (Russian) place where journalists and publishers buy\sell articles
  • InterScientia.com: (English, Finnish, French, Russian, Swedish) a Workshop for All Men And Women Seeking to Share Knowledge Across Borders

New symfony bloggers

They talked about us


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