A week of symfony #199 (18->24 October 2010)

The symfony project celebrated this week its fith anniversary publishing the last major component of Symfony2 framework: the Security Component. In addition, the Form and Validation components also received lots of commits and patches.

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • ef4f61b: [DependencyInjection] added TaggedContainerInterface to signature of generated container classes
  • 5d4c80f: [Validator] removed DependencyInjection integration
  • e1f8423, 7639fde: [FrameworkBundle] added a DIC tag-based constraint validator factory
  • 7225cf6, c543692, 71ace34, dbfa06c: added more unit tests
  • 2dc357d: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed label reference, fixed markup, optimized css and images
  • 4a18624: [Validator] removed ftp and ftps from default url protocols
  • 56d9830: fixed form field groups rendering
  • 94347f7: [HttpFoundation] added a way to generate a URI based on the current one and a path
  • 0fc6b15: [HttpFoundation] added a way to clear the session attributes
  • f216f31, 82f8ab8, 4027f75: added the Security Component and its integration into the MVC framework
  • 71228b5: [FrameworkBundle] added a way to configure the logout paths
  • 4b32114: [FrameworkBundle] added a way to configure the switch-user behavior
  • bdb0510: [FrameworkBundle] removed default controller for login
  • dd4f87b: made form login configurable
  • dd7e33a: [TwigBundle] fixed the include tag to behave like the standard Twig include tag
  • 0ccc980: fixed UniversalClassLoader issues with leading slashes
  • e8bcbcb: [Routing] allowed multiple routing requirement with xml loader
  • 0749038: [Security] changed the way passwords are compared to avoid timing attacks
  • acfd09e: [FrameworkBundle] generate a random password if none is provided in the configuration
  • eaef939: [Form] changed value transformers to be responsible for processing empty values to be able to chain them properly (this change fixes the bug that DateField did not return NULL when submitted without values)
  • 733290c: [Form] implemented UrlField
  • e4c2170: [Form] separated value transformers from normalization transformers
  • 6c7fab2: [Form] added validation of years, months and days to DateField
  • 72dcee5: [Form] added validation of hours, minutes and seconds to TimeField
  • 96a0bff: [Form] made InputField instantiable so that simple input fields can be created on the fly
  • d077ac4: [Security] changed encoders to use hash() function whenever possible and replaced sha1 with sha256 as default algorithm

New job postings

New developers for hire

  • http://www.singleton.mn: is a Mongolia-based web application development company, specialized in Web 2.0, eCommerce and Social application development.

New plugins

  • sfFlattr: makes it easy to integrate the Flattr service.
  • sfSmartContext: simple SmartContext integration.
  • sfAdTaily: simple AdTaily integration helper.
  • sfAmazonS3: allows you to connect to Amazon s3 services.
  • zsDoctrineRecordBuilder: helps you to build, create and stub records for testing purpose.
  • sfJunaioBackend: is an application to manage Point Of Interest (POI) data. It serves as a management tool for the sfJunaioChannelPlugin.
  • sfJunaioChannel: provides a channel for the Junaio Augmented Reality Browser.
  • idlDoctrineMigration: provides two useful task to help managing your model migration. This is specially useful when multiple developers works on the same project.
  • sfGemiusTraffic: easily adds Gemius Traffic to your symfony project.

Updated plugins

  • sfSocial:
    • fixed a bug in read messages
  • acHostDependant:
    • refactored code
    • added i18n host folder
    • added i18n section in README file
    • added config/settings.yml file
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • added initial support for grid editing
    • added new checkcolumn ux from Extjs3.3.0
    • improved efficient of foreign field widgets
    • moved routing into routing.yml
    • reorganized the javascript includes
    • refactored ComponentMgr interceptors and component synchronous loading to remove the jit.js requirement
    • added ptype loading to the component loading
    • added extends configuration option to all extjs generated components
    • fixed bug with multiselect
  • ddOnlineStore:
    • minor fixes
    • added methods to ProductTable
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • fixed a bug on folder delete
  • sfDoctrineAssetsLibrary:
    • sfAssetFolderTest and sfAssetTest work
    • changed sfPropelPlugin to sfDoctrinePlugin
    • fixed image path to sfAssetsLibraryPlugin
    • fixed getChildren in sfAsset module
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • added _save_and_list action in generator
  • sfGeshi:
    • added sfGeshi::$ignore, which contains strings to be ignore while parsing
    • added sfGeshi::$methods, which contains name of methods for changing behaviour of Geshi object
  • sfTangoIcons:
    • added model class of icon sizes
    • modified the sequence of parameters
    • if size is not set, use the configuration. If configuration is not set, user small icons
    • added function to normalize icon size
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • it now uses the official jQuery UI autocomplete plugin rather than the old deprecated version found in sfJqueryReloadedPlugin
  • sfFCKEditor:
    • bugfixed custom config path handling
  • sfI18nFormExtractor:
    • updated the tasks long description
  • sfTaskExtra:
    • excluded task classes from runtime autoloader
  • apostrophe:
    • when you recrop something you have cropped before your existing settings are preserved properly
    • fixed setFlash error message that occurs when merging tags
    • combined engine widget and template widget via progressive enhancement
    • apostrophe:import-files now supports any filetype that is supported via the GUI
    • cleaned up help message, corrected description of what can be uploaded, fixed --verbose so it really works
    • added button helpers
    • updated the button slot to allow for descriptions and allow for link-only scenarios
    • created base classes for the Video slot
    • updated base classes for multiple slots so that they all use an options array() instead of passing the options individually
    • stopped using sfJqueryReloadedPlugin
    • refractored that 'Placeholder' box so that it's a single piece of shared code that lives with the choose button in aImageSlot
    • engine routes now support the relative_root_url factories.yml option to sfWebRequest
    • fixed our FCK widget not to apply the prefix URL twice
    • fixed some absolute image src URLs in templates
  • apostropheBlog:
    • updated the sidebar filters so that they only allow you to filter by one item, Tags, Categories, Dates
    • moved apostrophe widgets to the apostrophe plugin
    • added param for adjusting the amount of blog / events displayed per page with indexSuccess

New symfony powered websites

  • Saitta: (Italian) Web Development, Safety, VOIP Avaya
  • AllianceFrancaise: (French, Italian) French Lesson, French Speacking Centification, Delf Dalf Examinations
  • gowiro.it: (Italian) e-commerce for natural pine oil and products for body and skin
  • fruttaverduradaroccia.it: (Italian) health food: fruit and vegetables
  • iptras.it: (Italian) e-commerce for office products, paper, Logistics
  • saiudine.it: (Italian) assurance

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A week of symfony #199 (18->24 October 2010) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-199-18-24-october-2010

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