A week of symfony #202 (8->14 November 2010)

This week, the symfony community held the first Symfony2 IRC meeting. From now on, these meetings will discuss every week several topics chosen by the community, such as best practices and solutions for very specific issues.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 1e13ecb: [TwigBundle] split the route tag to 2 tags: path and url
  • 6aacfa3: fixes a bug where in most cases cookies with path / were not set properly
  • 4fc1031: [DoctrineBundle] added callbacks to override the default serialization and deserialization of the CollectionToStringTransformer
  • 52ec875: [TwigBundle] when route_attributes is null an exception is raised
  • a471f65: [HttpKernel] tweaked HttpKernelInterface
  • 4d4f9f3: added request attributes in the request data collector and web profiler
  • 6f28511: [Form] added type for FileField class
  • d7d4880: [TwigBundle] updated filters for the latest version of Twig
  • 7b02766, 51a3d0b: fixed session management (the Session is an optional dependency of the Request; when duplicating a request, the session is shared between the parent and the child; reading from the session does not start the session anymore; refactored configuration)
  • 4cd5b2b: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed redirection interceptions (we must keep as many headers as possible)
  • bfae4ad: [Form] PercentField fixed option collision
  • 6f034d2: [FrameworkBundle] make the use_forward option of FormAuthenticationListener configurable
  • efed600: [DependencyInjection] fixed PHP dumper (in the dumped PHP class, we must use get() and not get*Service() methods to get services)
  • 5860bdd: [FrameworkBundle] re-added a fake request service so that you can rely on it when defining services with a dependency on it
  • f5b451f: [Form] fixed MoneyToLocalizedStringTransformer and added tests
  • 4c340c5: [Form] fixed forms grouped validation
  • a198bbc: [Form] throw an exception if session_id() is empty when a csrf token is generated
  • 48b3e92: [Form] fixed: parent::configure() should always be called after adding options to overrule options in the parent class
  • 69cd21d: [Validator] fixed annotation loader to not add parent constraints twice


New job postings

New developers for hire

  • Webmil: web development studio based in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. We use all privileges of symfony framework. Usage of doctrine orm and symfony lets us to gain good results in short terms. CLI and work with model layer are very fast flexible. I18n and yaml are a great plus too. Usually it takes us 1-2 weeks to create new website from scratch including web-design stage.

New plugins

  • smagEntityLocking: Locks Objects by Route. If someone edits an Object no other user can access the route with the same ID to edit the Object too.
  • sfPinba: Allow monitor each request with Pinba.
  • sfMailTemplate: (no description)
  • sfPropelCustomSelect: provides a capability to select arbitrary columns in propel, without loosing the power of ORM.
  • dcOAIServiceProvider: provides an implementation of an OAI-PMH Service Provider.

Updated plugins

  • sfDoctrineGuard:
    • updated russian translation
  • sfPhpExcel:
    • updaated svn externals of PHPExcel library to 1.7.4
  • ddOnlineStore:
    • extended actions in a base actions file
    • the capacity field in product is not available by default
    • the product details now shows in a popup for jquery fancybox
    • change the label of the button that saves and adds another category
  • spyMenu:
    • fixed bugs in renderer
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • updated jquery_search.js
    • updated ajax dependence JavaScript
    • added pagination to jquery search widget
    • updated jquery search action and template
  • sfExtjs3:
    • fixes for dev mode detection to enable debug libraries
  • sfEnvironmentFixtures:
    • updated documentation
    • fixed recursive fixture loading
  • pkContextCMS:
    • made some changes to help with page validation
  • pkToolkit:
    • removed jquery.autogrow.js from use
    • added jquery.simpleautogrow.js because it's more modern and doesn't throw errors in IE
    • some general cleanup to help with page validation
  • sfDoctrineApply:
    • the uppercase value of the method attribute prevented a page with these forms from validating
  • sfGeshi:
    • GeSHi settings are now defined in app.yml file
    • updated documentation
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • references to DoctrineException corrected to sfDoctrineException
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • added validation rule for reserved folder name "thumbnail"
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • improvements to formpanel components
  • sfThrift:
    • tweaked code
    • added documentation, comments and changelog
  • sfTangoIcons:
    • added category, device, emblem, emot, mime type, place and status models
    • updated documentation
    • fixed bug with double start timer
  • WebPurify:
    • updated the web service endpoint URL
  • apostropheBlog:
    • added queryWithPage to BlogItemTable
    • fixed a bug in 1.4 blog/events pertaining to engine pages without selected categories and tags
    • added slideshow option for idSuffix to the normalView for each of these slots
  • apostrophe:
    • apostrophe:demo-fixtures runs quietly now
    • demo fixtures load quietly
    • fixed bug that broke slideshow navigation
    • removed all unused jquery plugins
    • removed all unused CSS files
    • updated autogrow plugin for plaintext/rawhtml slots
    • updated aHelper to only include the resources we are using
    • fixed the bugginess with the slideshowSlot
    • cleaned up / rewrote parts of the slideshowSlot js
    • created jQuery triggers for advancing the slideshow
    • created the ability to crossfade between images instead of doing the hide / fadeIn behavior we have been using
    • added a idSuffix to the slideshow so other slots like the blogSlot that use the slideshow component can append unique identifiers to the slideshow
  • sfJunaioChannel:
    • fixed XML helper class
    • updated documentation

New symfony powered websites

  • SocialCompare.com: (English, French) online community to create, update and share comparisons about everything

New symfony bloggers

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A week of symfony #202 (8->14 November 2010) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-202-8-14-november-2010

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