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A week of symfony #205 (29 November -> 5 December 2010)

This week, the Symfony2 Preview Release 4 version was released. Despite being far from finished, this is a full-featured version and therefore it's the best way to learn the new Symfony2 philosophy.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights


  • r31562: [YAML] fixed parsing of simple inline documents
  • r31563: [YAML] released sfYaml 1.0.4


  • r31584: [1.3, 1.4] added missing translation for Dutch

Activity summary: 79 changesets, 23 bugs reported, 23 bugs fixed, 3 enhancements suggested, 5 documentation defects reported, 1 documentation defect fixed, and 25 documentation edits

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 07eceb7: [TwigBundle] fixed ifrole tag when security context is not enabled
  • 757fd80: improved the Command documentation for RouterApacheDumperCommand and adding the ability for the script_name to be specified as an option
  • d171df0: [DependencyInjection] fixed tests to catch exception classes instead of asserting them
  • 547eaa8: [TwigBundle] fixed option management for Twig_Environment
  • 1e9e1b3: [Routing] added tests for the ApacheMatcherDumper, PhpMatcherDumper and UrlMatcher
  • 739ebf9: [Routing] changed the _method route requirement to be a regular expression so that it's consistent with all other requirements
  • 91c5c91: [FrameworkBundle] added options auto-start and auto_start to the session configuration to allow session to be autostarted
  • d10bc3e: [FrameworkBundle] added some more files in the class cache
  • 9c8cae2: [Console] fixed incorrect constant references in InputArgumentTest
  • 7efb463: [Command] changed the InputOption::PARAMETER_* constants to InputOption::VALUE_* to more accurately reflect that these constants refer to the value or lack of value assigned to a particular option
  • 7ad3eca: [TwigBundle] activated Twig Optimizer extension by default
  • 6e18a2c: [Yaml] fixed parsing of simple inline documents
  • 314d3d0: [DependencyInjection] format the tags in the findTaggedServiceIds method of the PhpDumper
  • b2eec52: [Routing] added missing Route::setRequirement()
  • dca8a79: [Routing] made annotation class loader more flexible
  • 73331cf: [DependencyInjection] Interface Injection implementation
  • 794634d, 45e34c2: [Routing] changed method_exists by an array with the routes names in the php generator dumper, its more efficient


New job postings

  • Symfony developers at QP Media GmbH - full-time based in Oldenburg, Germany - Contact: jobs [at] qpmedia [dot] de

New developers for hire

  • Clearcode: is a software development company focused on providing custom software solutions for the advertising industry. We specialize in ad serving, analytics, targeting, crawling & tracking technologies. We are located in Wroclaw/Poland and speak English, German & Polish. We have been working with symfony since 2006.

New plugins

  • RosfEsiSimulator: It renders components, partials or any piece of code you need to speed up, the same way as it would be if you were using Edge-Side Includes (ESI).
  • sfSimpleAuth: permits to secure an application quickly, for lightweight website that just need a single account to manage it.
  • gjPositions: adds a compositioning workflow to your admin module (so called Composition Canvas) that allows the user to compose a canvas from components/partials (so called Design Elements) and manually assign any type of content (so called Content Elements) to them.
  • sfMultipleAjaxUploadGallery: generates a gallery management module with an ajax multiple photo uploader.
  • tsJQuerySuggest: provides a jquery base suggest/autocompleter input.
  • jlGMapSlot: allows Apostrophe editors to add Google Map slots to any page.
  • sfRedminishAdmin: an admin generator with a theme based on the one provided by Redmine.

Updated plugins

  • pmSuperfishMenu:
    • improved current route matching detection to set superfish plugin selected attribute
  • sfDoctrineRestGenerator:
    • updated install documentation
  • sfNubioAddonFunctions:
    • added add_include_path()
  • sfPropel15:
    • added js escaping in sfWidgetFormSchemaOptional
    • added options to new related form
  • sfTemplating:
    • included basic install instructions in README
  • srPageChooser:
    • changed jQuery helper to a helper, because sfJqueryReloadedPlugin is no longer part of Apostrophe trunk
  • apostrophe:
    • enabled variants in newly generated slot types
    • respect relative_root_url when outputting links to minified, merged stylesheets and js
    • fixed bug where the move arrows disappear when you create a new slot
    • improved the move arrow behaviors so that when you are in the middle of adding a new slot, you are not prevented from moving the existing slots amongst themselves
    • fixed the page overlay for page settings and history
    • date range for date widget was 5 yrs +/- today: increased it to 150 yrs +/-
    • moved the $this->getOption(...) to be below the parent::configure
    • added many optimizations to the media library for embedded Videos: new Select interface, autoplay functionality for YouTube and Vimeo videos, embeds are not output in the page by default
  • apostropheBlog:
    • added ordering of categories for user category queries
    • added alphabetical ordering to post and event form

New symfony powered websites

New symfony bloggers

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A week of symfony #205 (29 November -> 5 December 2010)

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